Calla. Passionfruit. The best juice you didn’t know you were missing!

I’m not entirely sure I would ever have eaten one of these simply based on how they look on the inside. The gelatinous texture and seedy inside is more than this easily weirded out by texture girl can handle. But, as with all things in life I suppose, it took someone educating me that there other ways to eating beside scooping out that gloppy goo and spooning it into your mouth. (gag!) Alas, the secret is simply to cut them open, and scoop out the whole floating goody eyeball mixture into the blender. Then blend! Vuh-la! Presto magico you’ve got delcious Calla juice. You can add sugar of course, but in my family we enjoy drinks that make you pucker up, and don’t give my kids a jump on the couch, go wild, sugar high!

And it’s not just the inside that can look funny if you ask me. The outside is a beautiful yellow green color, in Nicaragua that is. I actually stumbled upon them in California, and they were actually mostly green on the outside, with a spot of yellow. You know they are ripe and ready to be eaten when they start to dimple up and look shrunken. The more dimpled and spotted and creepy looking, the more yummy the inside is. I promise, I wouldn’t lead you astray!