Cultivate PowerSheets. Best goals setting tool I’ve come across.

I know it doesn’t feel like it, but right behind Christmas lurks a new year. I often don’t give the New Year much thought, considering it sort of sneaks up on me, and I’m just plain o’l worn out by Jan 1. Just me?

New Years seems like a strange holiday. We can face it with casual indifference, ring in with all the glitz and glam, completely ignore it, or take some time to think about what we’d like the next year to look like. Because no matter how we look at it, it is in fact coming. (Anyone else remember 1999, when we all believed maybe this year, the new year wouldn’t come and the world might come to an end?!)

My point is this:

What if we dreamed about a different year? What if we took the time to reflect on the past year, and carefully comb through it? What if there was a tool to help us think through things we want to cultivate, things we want to make sure happen before we blink and we’re stepping into the next year, 2021. Because I’m noticing, if I am not intentionally planning things that matter, they often don’t happen. The mundane can be so much louder than the important. This book helped me to tune my ears to the important and life giving things and gave me the tools to make space in my mind, heart, and schedule, for the essential things.

May I present: Cultivate PowerSheets.

I did them last year, and absolutely loved them. If you want to read more, directly from the source, just click here.

But I’m going to share a few reasons and/or features that I love about these PowerSheets. Because, well, I just can’t help it. I think they are absolutely amazing, and they have dramatically changed the way I think about an upcoming year. Here’s some quick bullet points highlighting their fantasticalness:

~The first 60 pages are incredible. They focus on you. Who you really are. Breaking your identity box, evaluating all areas of your life, naming your fears, lessons you’ve learned, what you’re grateful for, what will matter when you’re 80. These pages help you cultivate what matters, and (bonus!) through all those questions you’ll uncover your goals for the upcoming year.

~Each month has space for planning, dreaming, and making detailed daily, weekly, and monthly lists.

~Every 3 months you stop and reevaluate. You have the space/freedome to drop a goal, adjust it, or move it to another time. (Cause hello, life happens!)

~One of my favorite features I didn’t know would be my favorite feature is the last page of each month. You fill it out at the end of the month, and it’s a time and space to reflect with questions for the month like, “I am especially grateful for…” and “someone I’m grateful for…” favorite memory…” and “a good lesson learned…” also, “what I’m saying yes/no to…” It’s SO good.

And the CRAZY news is: If you’re still reading allllll the way down here, guess what?! I’m going to GIVE ONE OF THESE AWAY.

Yes. That’s right.

FREE. Completely FREE. Only with one teeny tiny small string attached! (If it was completely free you’d be too skeptical so here’s your string: I’m going to give it away via a drawing, and here is how to get your name in the hat:

Refer people to this blog! Friends you think might love it! WHEN they sign up to receive emails from Jess, there will be a spot to put your name, the person who referred them on their sign up form. BAM your name goes in the hat. If two people you refer sign up for emails, I will put your name in TWICE. And, of course, I will also enter the person who just signed up too.

Ready? GO. Share. Cause these Powersheets are so good I’m willing to give one away for FREE to a lucky winner! (This beauty retails at $60!!!)

I will pick a winner December 17th, and have the Cultivate Powersheets in the mail shortly thereafter.

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