The Water That Escapes Me

The Water That Escapes Me Leaking slowly from this anxious heart; The future has too many uncertainties Torrents come as we say goodbye; work is unknown, staff we love gone Quiet and unseen they roll; as I see, hear,  and feel Jesus holding me close It pools in moments spent outside; Sunshine, walks, and picnicsContinue reading “The Water That Escapes Me”

What I learned from a different crisis, and how I hope to face this one

I’d love for you to read this. I know we’re all sort of glued to various news outlets, social media, etc for information regarding all this craziness, but come and take a little break. Lean in. I’d love to share something I’m trying to do differently in this crisis, perhaps even a little better, thanContinue reading “What I learned from a different crisis, and how I hope to face this one”

Silence of the Soul.

Where do you find quietness? Are you in a season of life where the noise is actively around you, in the shape and constant hum of small children? Or maybe your season lacks quietness because it’s nothing but work work work? Or perhaps your season of life finds your home more, perhaps with actual quiet,Continue reading “Silence of the Soul.”