The Water That Escapes Me

The Water That Escapes Me

Leaking slowly from this anxious heart;

The future has too many uncertainties

Torrents come as we say goodbye;

work is unknown, staff we love gone

Quiet and unseen they roll; as I see, hear, 

and feel Jesus holding me close

It pools in moments spent outside;

Sunshine, walks, and picnics heal

Hot they come quick, when frustration 

takes hold; so many hours locked inside

Gently they fall when I watch my young

children; innocent and uncomprehending 

Sobs shake this weary frame; so much

loss, crouching waiting to pounce

Laughing is welcome and unexpected;

her tears soothe my soul

The birds sing their song; demonstrating

the ability to live one day at time

The water that escapes me; 

it comforts, stretches and shapes me

I am who I am; 

difficult circumstances bring out the real me 

Let the water flow

3 thoughts on “The Water That Escapes Me

  1. OH…!! LOVE THIS! These are indeed hard, unknown times. Sometimes your mom shares a picture of your dear family with me. You are in my thoughts and prayers today 🙂


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