Nail polish

I love nail polish. I have 25 of them. I don’t really enjoy getting my toes or nails done at the salon (it kinda creeps out me that I might get a fungus and loose my leg, I think I watched too many 60 minutes specials on this!) Anyway, so instead, I buy the colors I love and do it myself. So, when packing for Haiti, I am presented with trying to figure out what is essential, and what is not. Of course, Brandon and I differ greatly on what we would consider essential. He is devoting one of his only two checked bags to his surfboard-in hopes he will get the chance to surf in bacteria infested waters. I, on the other hand, devoted one of my 50lb bags to all cosmetics. I know, you’re thinking 50lbs?? But, remember, this is an esthetician packing, and I am doing the best I can!!! So, I am stocked on things like shampoo, body wash, face products, chapstick, medicine, tampons. I had to narrow down my collection of nail polish to an essential 12. Pretty good, huh? There is no Target down the street to grab what I might forget or run out of.  So, I am planning accordingly.

These are the final 12! Aren’t they pretty??

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