One shoe lost… only three left…

Rough start today, I just need to vent. I was on my way to the restroom, from the roof to the second story. I had my water bottle and went to toss out the last saliva part into the trees. Well, I tripped. (skip this part moms!) Cut my foot on a piece of rebarb sticking up. My sandal flew off the edge of the roof into the bushes below. I went to get my flip flop (actually, I made Brandon) and by the time he got down there someone had stolen it. Stolen ONE flip flop. I am so mad-it was my only comfy pair.I know I can’t track down the culprit, so part of me wants to go back to roof and throw the other one down there while yelling, ‘fine! Just take em!’

And to top it off, my computer isn’t working. Yes, the brand new one I got a month ago. It won’t hold a charge, so I can only use it while it’s plugged in. And there aren’t many plugs, and no apple store down the street –or on the whole island-to fix it for me. Stupid Apple products!

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