Snacks snacks snacks

I love snacks. I am a ‘graze all day’ kind of gal. I like to eat small meals all day long. So, when we packed our bags to come here, I had to use all of my 100lbs for many things, and that didn’t include snacks. Well, apparently, they are harder to come by here than I thought. So, I just shrugged it off, knowing I couldn’t do much about it. In the meantime, I made friends with the cooks. There are about five full time Haitian women in the kitchen. They don’t speak very much English, so we are working on trying to communicate. But, there is a women cooking back there who is white. She is from KT, and she has been here for a month. She is so sweet! We have become friends, and during the coarse of chatting, she found out my plight. Being a mom, she naturally looks out for all of us living here anyway. So, sure enough, the next day, she had a stack of snacks she rummaged up!! I have never been so excited for granola bars, top ramon, and cashews!!

Notice the one flip flop….

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