Roof top garden

So, I am thinking gardening might go differently here. Mainly, cause God does most of the watering in a place like Haiti-and since that was the number one way I killed my plants, I figure they have a better survival rate here! My mom gave us some seeds as a going a goingaway present, and we have already put them to good use. It wasn’t easy tracking down the materials though. We are learning to scavange and be resourceful. So, for buckets we used recycle tins from canned food the kitchen uses, and we bougth a huge red wash tin from the local market. This tin is for my cucumbers so they have room to grow. Then, the harder part was figuring out where we could get soil-free from trash and other nasty things. We found some in the back part of the campus and had to hoof it back up to the roof. But, it’s all planted and ready for God to make it grow!! There is no lack of sunshine here, that is for sure!

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