We went to a soccer game today! So fun! Grant (who is a missionary at nwhcm) runs a sports ministry down here, and we got to go with him to a game. He has helped with not only the soccer team, but he is also working on getting a basketball court put in next to the field. It’s pretty cool to see how is ministering to so many guys through sports! He is a charismatic fun loving guy, who will pry end up living part time with us at the campus when Port de Paix gets up and running.

Grant and Brandon in official fans jerseys (of course the Haitians loved this!)
The boys giving them a "go get 'em!!" talk

Since he is the VP of the team(and he loved to remind us of that!) he got us all inside of the field for up close and personal seats. It did cost a few dollars to get in, since they were two professional teams playing.  It was ASSL vs. Gonaives. Not too many people paid to get in, put plenty of people stood on roofs, cars, and fences so they could watch the game. They even bring in police to make sure things don’t get too crazy.. watch out for those wild soccer fans!! GOOOOAAAALLLL. We did win. Woohoo!

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