This sweet girl is Suzy.  She came to the Miriam Center (a home for orphans with special needs). She was brought here to get help. Courtney-who runs the Miriam center-also has another program through the Miriam Center. She allows the families of handicap children to come in once a week, and go over ways in which they can better help/love/serve their special needs kids. Then, she gives them some food to take home for the week (for the entire family) as an incentive to keep bringing their children back each week.  This was created to help change a mindset in Haiti. Handicap children really are the “least of these” in Haiti.  Families feed these kids the last, seeing them more as a drain on their resources since they will never be able to work and help the family. Courtney works hard to break this way of thinking-and thus was created another branch of the Miriam Center-for Jonathon’s sake.  She has a blog-I will get it to you later-as I can’t find her right now!

Back to Suzy-she looks brand new, huh? She is six months old. Weighing in at a scarce 8lbs. She was brought in last week, and Courtney convinced the parents to leave her for the weekend. At such a tender age, she already is showing signs and symptoms of malnourishment and neglect. She feed her nonstop-gave her medicine, and held her all day and night.  The parents did come back to get her, which was a surprise to all of us. When the mom came to pick her up, we asked if she would see our Dr. since she is very sick. She agreed, received some medicine, and food for her and Suzy, and left just as quietly as she had come in. Please pray for Suzy, and many other children like her who need food, love, and attention.

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