The Kitchen has arrived!


The kitchen for OTB has arrived! We heard rumors it was on it’s way this week-but you never know with Haiti. So, each time a vehicle pulled into the campus, Brandon jumped up and would run into the courtyard in hopes it was our stuff. Finally, on Thursday and Saturday our pots and all the kitchen equipment arrived. Brandon drove the bobcat to off load all the heavy items. Then, he put it on a truck and it was driven to Port de Paix. What a stressful drive, as we bobbed along, holding these huge pots, trying to prevent them from bouncing right over the edge. Since we didn’t have a bobcat at the Port de Paix campus, we had to use man power instead. Mind you, each pot weighs about 800 lbs! Fifteen men worked together to lift the pot from the truck, lower it to the ground and carry to the storage depot. I had to document this on video, which almost caused my heart to stop beating. I was trying to video without watching…especially when one of them tripped over a gigantic rock along the way! The pot almost went down-but the guys muscled it all the way to the end! After we took inventory-only a few things are missing and a few things damaged. Most of the entire kitchen arrived in one piece. After knowing what it takes to get things here, the process of clearing customs, getting stuff off loaded and reloaded several times, and seeing how rough those men are with packages…this was nothing short of a miracle. Thank the Lord, He is good!

6 thoughts on “The Kitchen has arrived!

  1. That is awesome! We are pumped for you guys. Every time we read your blog it makes us want to head back. How long before the kitchen is running? Is you generator up and running yet? We are praying for you guys.
    Graham and Danae

  2. So fun to hear from you Graham and Danae! Did Brandon get your email’s, cause I don’t have them? We hope to be cooking by Julyish. You know Haiti… and the generator was supposed to be here now on a shrimp boat. But, there was some huge misunderstandings, and someone didn’t put it one the boat. So, we are trying to breathe, and trust in the Lord. For now, we might be able to use electricity from our American neighbors, but it’s super expensive and not a long term solution. We hope to get another generator here soon-or try and have the mechanic fix a broken one that is here. Thank you for your prayers, they are SO needed. It was so nice to meet you both 🙂

  3. Sister, Brandon is in charge of that one.. so go ahead and give him an email nudge! He said he’s not sure it will work, but I really hope it does cause you will love to see it!

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