All we need now is Power!

One year of vision, 6 months of fundraising, 4 months of stateside preparation, two months of in country preparation and two weeks implementation all came to together to produce the first OTB super kitchen in Port-de-Paix Haiti:

The pots are in the kitchen

This is what we started with
This is what we ended with!

We have food in the store room

5 thoughts on “All we need now is Power!

  1. Good morning Brandon and Jessica,
    What an amazing result, starting w/ less than nothing and ending in a Class A Kitchen in the middle of abject poverty.
    Matthew said it best in Chapter 6 verse 8: ” Be not therefore like unto them, for your Father knoweth what things (generator) you have need of, BEFORE you ask him.”
    Patience is one of my problems, and I know you two are both type A’s, but God has the Master Plan and it will all come to fruition at HIS appointed time. Until then, labor in the vinyards and bring converts to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You two have NO idea how you impact others … Nichole wanting come work w/ you for two months, and just the other day Gina stated on TV, that she has been inspired to come work w/ you in Haiti. The ripples of you influence are spreading like wild flre … may God give you grace, patience and understanding, and the realization that all of us here at home are keeping you before the Throne of Grace DAILY. We love you !!!!

  2. Brandon & Jessica,
    Amen to “Grandpa Shuck’s” post!
    We are so proud of what you are doing down there!
    We are also praying that God will keep you and yours safe from the weather that seems to be in your “neck of the woods”…………He has full control of those things you know!{~_~}
    Blessings are yours from HIM!

  3. So amazing to see for all of us who cannot even begin to grasp the effort and power of God to pull that together!

  4. HA HA! All I could think when I saw your picture was “TA DA!!” You looked so cute! But what is that white bandage on your leg??!? Are you healed back up yet?
    Awesome to see it all coming together!

  5. Thinking the same thing about that white bandage….

    What an amazing outcome! We are thrilled to be able to see the progress and the work the Lord is doing – with the kitchen and with you two!

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