Open Arms Christian Ministry

Open Arms     Sept 14

The first organization we are going to feed is Open Arms Ministry.  It is run by Eric Beil. He feeds 50 children right now. God has given him a heart for the people on the “other side of twa rivieres” Kind of like the ‘other side of the tracks’ I guess you could say. It’s only about 20 minutes from downtown pdp, but it’s a whole different country out there. It is actually in the country, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Which also means away from access to water, food, jobs, etc. What I love most is how he has found the kids that are a part of the feeding program. He walks around the community and talks with families. He finds out their story. He sees where they live, how they live, with whom the children live with-and then decides if he thinks they need to be a part of the feeding program.

It’s a mere hop, skip and jump away. Okay, more like a drive, boat ride, and walk away.  We drove from our kitchen to the river, but the river was too full to cross (there is no bridge) so, we got in a small dingy boat with a “pusher” and a bailer (a small kid quickly scooping out water since all the boats have leaks) and rode to the other side. We then walked about twenty minutes to his building. I do enjoy walking, even though it’s so hot and dusty.  It gives us a chance to see things at a slow pace, up close and personal. There is a lot you can’t see from a truck… including the chance to stop and talk to women riding back on donkeys saddled up with food and water from pdp. I mean really, how great is it that we can walk and chat with women on donkeys, watch boys corralling cows in the street, buy sugar cane from women on the side of the road, and even though we arrive at our destination coverd in sweat and dirt, it’s a good feeling.

One thought on “Open Arms Christian Ministry

  1. so, so exciting!! That little girl is simply adorable! Are the kids that he feeds orphans or part of families that can’t afford to feed them?

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