Cape Haitian

When there is a will, there is a way. We found out Brandon’s parents were coming to LaBadee Haiti via cruise ship, and we knew we had to see them! Even though it’s only 40 miles from Port de Paix, it’s not easy to get there. We decided to pay a little extra for a flight, rather than make the bumpy seven hour drive (only seven hours if the car doesn’t break down, and that rarely doesn’t happen!)

So, we flew in the day before and spent the night. We decided that if we were going to spend the money to go up there, then we really should treat this like a weekend trip-a chance to get away from work, crazy Haiti, and actually take a few days off. We stayed at a really old plantation style hotel in downtown Cap Haitian-complete with old cannon balls lying around, wood furniture, huge shutters, and lush greenery. What a treat!

The Hotel Rol Christophe

Some friends told us there were some old forts along the beach, so we set off on foot in search of them. We walked for about 3 hours and came across three ruined forts. The first only had a few cannons remaining. A few Haitians were using these old artifacts to tie up part of their shop!!

Only in Haiti are old artifacts not locked up in a musuem-or even guarded!
Do you see it? On the far right corner on the tip?

That night we went to a restaurant (I know, it’s sad that we so get excited over any restaurant considering we have about 5 in pdp and they all serve almost the same thing). It was overlooking the beach and served tasty food. It was perfect. As we sat there we were watching an amazing lightening storm in the distance. And as we were getting ready to leave, within minutes, the storm was on us!

The closest thing to a hurricane I've seen!!

4 thoughts on “Cape Haitian

  1. Yes Darcy, you are just like me! Spoken like a true Californian… we sure do love when there is ANY change in the weather huh?? We’ve been loving the thunder, lightening, rain, wind.. sure is different!

  2. It is sooooo good that you guys decided to treat this as a little weekend away. I think that is really important! Take the time to do a few little things like that so you can recoup and recharge, both individually and as husband & wife. (Our sermon last weekend was about the importance of that!) Love you two!

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