North Coast Church-Carlsbad

Remember how I told you our pastor and his son (along with four other awesome people) came to visit us in Haiti? Well, our pastor, JD, was so excited about his trip that he wanted to tell the whole church!!! So, after first and second service he did a “grandpa’s slideshow”  with pictures, videos, and shared about his trip to Haiti. It was so encouraging to see his continued excitement, enthusiasm and support for what we are doing-and then to share that with members from our church-it was such a huge blessing.  Another cool thing that happened that day was we went in during sunday school and shared with the little K-3 graders and the Junior High. They both give their gifts and tithes on Sunday to help feed children in Haiti. How awesome is that?? Kids helping kids. Kids giving money here to feed children there, my heart rejoices over this!! And, my favorite part was in our time with the K-3 children, was at the end one of the kids came up and prayed for the children in Haiti, and Brandon and me. Oh Lord you used the little children that day to restore  and refresh my soul!!


Little kids praying for Haiti, and for Brandon and me. SO sweet!
The kids were unsure of the food at first.. until a brave soul went for it... then they all tried it and wanted more! I told 'em if they moved to Haiti they could have it six days a week! 🙂




One other great thing we did was bring home some of the Feed My Starving Children food (the exact same food we cook in Haiti) and made it at church!! Two couples volunteered to make the food exactly how we make it in Haiti. They added all the same spices, oils, and additives to make it authentic!! They even cooked it on an outside pot, which was great cause it got the attention of everyone going by! This was so fun to have the people at our church try the food we are serving in Haiti. And, the consensus was….”This is actually really good!!” “Tastes like rice a roni!”


Richard cooking up the food...
Kathie and Ellen did an amazing job making the food!! It looked, smelled and tasted just like it does in Haiti!!





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