Remember Rose?

I posted maybe a month or so back about Rose and Edris. To sum up, they live in Port de Paix and are a more well off Haitian famiily. And so, for years, they have used extra money to help local kids. They provide meals for children who have no parents, children whose parents can’t or don’t feed them, and they even house several kids and families for free. This has been harder and harder to do since the earthquake hit, and they have had to close their restaurant and not much money is made from their store either. So now, with the food from OTB, they can continue to provide food for those they were, and even feed a few more!!

We instantly loved this family, and as we have gotten to know them, they have become family to us. I went to visit a week or so ago, and since there wasn’t a mission truck available I took a motto. After our conversation I asked them to flag a motto down for me and negotiate a price ( I only do it myself if I have to!) They were horrified that I was going to ride a motto. They insisted I get in their car, and they drove me back to our house. Rose told me that the sweet couple that introduced us (Brice and Amanda who are missionaries teaching at a school here) are family, and that automatically meant we are their family too. They told us to call whenever we needed anything, big or small, and they would help since we are family. Tears blurred my eyes as I thanked them, and told them that their love and kindness made me miss my family even more-and that I was so thankful for family here too now.

Rose and Edris

We went to their house yesterday to meet more kids that they take care of. The children usually come and get the food, and a few eat it there, while most take it ‘to go’. But, since they knew we were coming, they set up what used to be a restaurant in the back of their shop, for all the kids to sit and eat so we could take photos. (They no longer operate their restaurant because after the earthquake the many people who had money to eat out, simply do not anymore)

We had such a fun time meeting the kids. They all range in ages from 3yrs-15yrs old. Rose likes to try and add special things to the food she gets from us-today it was avocado, sometimes she’ll add in chicken or veggies.

Some of the younger boys
They didn't want their photo taken at first, so I didn't force them obviously. Later though, they changed their minds!
They all laugh and have fun till the camera comes out-they all want to look tough with game faces on. Drives me crazy!
These three were SO shy-but I persisted and they finally let me take their photo. Aren't they SO cute?
I try not to have favorites, but I just can't help myself. How sweet is she??

All the kids call Rose mama, and it makes my heart so full to see how she takes care for them. In fact, the whole family gets in on helping out-even dad and a few of the seven children they have of their own come to help. This verse comes to mind when I see what they are doing:

1John 3:17 &18

“If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need, but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”

Love that the whole family participates!

3 thoughts on “Remember Rose?

  1. A few blogs back, I reminded you Jessica that you were building a reputation in your community. This blog validates my prediction and the longer you are there, the wider your circle of influence will become. God will not waste your love for his children. You are now part of a local family, and those ties will become as strong as with your family here in the States.
    I love your scripture verse, as it is our Mission Statement right here in Fallbrook. People wonder why we haul kids back and forth to Sunday School, teach in Los Amigos, and are part of their extended family. People evaluate you based upon your genuine love for them, not for what you say. God bless you and Brandon, the harvest if plentiful, but the workers are few. Those who can’t work in Haiti, can make your work possible by their unselfish donations to Outside the Bowl. My prayer is that your blogs will convict more and more readers, resulting in substantial increase in their support of OTB.

  2. What a true treasure to have family away from family! Certainly an added bonus of living far away -relationships that would most likely not develop too deeply if you did have family close by to rely on.

  3. Thank you for continuing to share all the amazing stories. Of course I remember Rose…and now we know even more about her, her family, and her love! Encouraging…thanks!

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