Taking your pig for a walk…

You might go home today and take a walk. Maybe you’ll go alone, meet a friend, or drag your spouse along. If you have a dog, you’ll pry take it too.  I could even venture to say it’s pretty common to see someone out walking their dog. Not here. Haitians don’t keep dogs as pets-and the few that do only use them for security. They let the dog sleep outside and maybe give it food every once in a while. I have never seen a dog on a leash here. I have seen cows taken out on leashes to graze, which always makes me nervous when the only thing preventing it from charging me is a thin rope. But just today, I saw a different animal being taken out for a walk. A man was walking his pig, followed by eight little piglets! I had just stepped out of the Cholera Treatment Center to get a fresh breath of air, and saw him saunter by with his family of pigs tied to a rope. I laughed so hard people started staring at me.  And, in a very strange way it made me feel as if all was well with the world, that despite what is happening, life goes on.


6 thoughts on “Taking your pig for a walk…

  1. Hahahaha, that’s awesome! I love how in the midst of such tragidy and heaviness, God uses a pig and piglets to bring you joy. So fun. Thank you for serving as His hands and feet in a place that most people wouldn’t dare to go. As Francis Chan says, that is some ‘Crazy Love’ you have for Him. 🙂 We are praying for you guys and for the Lord’s healing hand upon all the sick people there. Keep up the hard work, doctors. 😉
    -Alex and Melissa

  2. Love the Humor and had a good laugh and a wonderful word picture of you gettting out for a “breath of Fresh air” and what do come across. PIGGYS You are so adorable Jessica. as I take my walks in beautiful carlsbad it will take on a new visual and maybe I will get a piggy fior the day and see everyone reactio!!! know you are loved and prayed for 24/7. and give those drs. bigs hugs from cally. You all are Gods angels. We have sooo much to be thankful for. xo
    love MOM

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