As I mentioned before, one of my jobs with this whole Cholera Clinic is doing laundry. Funny too, since it’s one of my least favorite jobs around the house! But, here, I rather enjoy it. It gives me a break from being in the clinic, allows me to get some quiet alone time, and the room even has a/c. Sometimes Danielle and I get to work down there together, tackling the huge mounds of scrubs. After a long, emotionally draining day, we found ourselves a bit slap happy. And, while doing the laundry has it’s rewards ( I found 250 gouds, about $5 in there today!) we also come along some strange things too. Danielle was pulling stuff out of the dryer, while I loaded into the washer, and she pulled out this blue see through satin thing. We both started laughing, feeling awkward of what we might have stumbled upon. As she pulled it out, I thought it was an apron, she thought maybe a bib, and when she finally realized what it was… we about died laughing!!!  Yes, that’s right, it is was a “doo-rag” !! Of course we both then proceeded to try it on, and laughed even harder! I then made a look alike from a pillowcase, so we could match. How good it felt to laugh that hard!!!

Is it an apron?
Or perhaps a bib?
So hilarious!
Oh, man!
The pillowcase is almost the same ...
The back was the best part!
Us girls helping out.. Danielle, me,Courtney.

All the Haitians think Danielle and I are sisters. Random people stop us all day long and ask. I think it’s just because we both have dark hair and wear fun dangly earrings. Either way, I’ll take it as a compliment! 🙂 And, they also think our husbands are brothers! I’ll have to post a picture of Brandon and Curtis!

3 thoughts on “Laundry

  1. I am so thankful that, Jess, you have had someone to be silly with. I know you get crazy…so I’m glad to see that side is still in there! Love you girl!

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