Twinkle lights


Curtis and Brandon-most Haitians think they are brothers, especially since Brandon had a scruffy beard a few weeks ago too!

I do love Christmas. I love that we have a whole time and season specifically set aside to celebrate Christ’s birth, I love how families and friends come together to hang out, eat, play games, I love the cold weather (should I say cooler weather in ca?), I love Christmas trees-the real ones!!, I am a sucker for twinkle lights too. And, I am one of those people who randomly plays Christmas music throughout the year, whenever it tickles my fancy. And so, I’ve been wanting to get into the Christmas spirit, but since were living in a place that is warm, doesn’t really celebrate Christmas, and I’ve yet to see a Christmas tree here… I was SO excited to see that a few days ago the Haitias that live on this campus were decorating with lights! I came out and it was like our own twinkling winter wonderland! I love it.  This in the common eating area in St. Louis…where we have all our meals while we are away from home (Port de Paix). While I do miss making our own food, one nice thing is they have kitchen staff who cook and clean for all of us… what a treat! I didn’t realize how much time I spent going out to the markets getting food, figuring out what to cook with not a whole lot, fixing it, and cleaning up.

So festive and sparkly, I love it!!
Danielle, Curtis, Junior, Brandon, me

5 thoughts on “Twinkle lights

  1. Jessy — Got your message! You and Brandon look so bright yourselves (and your friends)…who needs lights with those twinkles in your eyes?? Keep up the great work little ones!! I am always with you in prayer and thoughts!!!!

  2. so fun sister! I love all the sparly-ness and I am certainly jealous of you having all your meals prepared for you- sometimes I feel like that is all I accomplish in my day! Also, I can’t believe Brandon is wearing a long-sleeved shirt! Fantastic!

  3. Brandon is indeed wearing a long sleeve shirt! It’s been, dare I say, cooler here. No, not cold. But, when you don’t have a water heater, it’s just cold enough to take your breath away those first few minutes.. which after that same water not ever feeling cold enough in the summer.. I’ll take it! We joked cause the other night it was actually chilly, and we brought absolutely no warm things other than one long sleeve t shirt each! ha!

  4. Dear Jessica, So happy you have some sparkle lights and some Christmas in the air. I too, LOVE Christmas and all that it stands for. I am having such fun with my little ones. Cassidy and I built a gingerbread house this week and she ate a good amount of the candy that was to go on the house! :0
    Love and prayers to you both!
    Aunt Kathy

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