Cleanin’ cleanin’ cleanin’….

To say we’re tired would be an understatement. But it’s a good tired-a well earned work by the sweat of your brow exhausted.Brandon and I both have been cleaning, organizing, fixing, re-arranging for the past three days straight. The house we are moving into is old, but in good condition. It very much needed, and still needs, Brandon’s handy dandyness, and my womanly touch. Brandon has been working on changing the locks, fixing the doors, and trying to make sense of the water and electrical systems. I have been cleaning a house that was inhabited by a 20yr man-need I say more? I have scrubbed from ceiling to floor, washed windows and screens, and re-arranged everything from the silverware to the furniture. Thankfully, I have had some help. Manet usually works here when groups are here, she cooks food for the teams and helps with the cleaning. Our new boss graciously hired her for the first three days we were here. Not only was it amazing to pull into the place on Tuesday and find a woman cooking a delicious dinner for us, but she has been helping with everything else too. Not to mention, she’s just really sweet. It’s so nice to have help, and she’s stretching my Creole since she doesn’t speak a lick of English.

Manette helping me clean each and every tiny slate of glass!
Fixing the water pipes...
Fixing the door, knobs, and locks-very important!!!

3 thoughts on “Cleanin’ cleanin’ cleanin’….

  1. Dear Jessica,
    Wow! You two have really worked tomake your huse a home! It looks just beautiful! You are in our prayers. We love you!
    Aunt K and Un Greg

  2. Hi kids, its great to see your going to have such a nice place to live as live your new adventure.Jess, i was wondering if icould send you some seeds,so you could pick up on your gardenjng skills again. ron(lem)postel

  3. Ron!

    I didn’t know you read our blog! How fun! How are you??

    Regarding seeds-we do have a few here. Not tons though. And yes, any chance to work on my gardening skills is always welcomed-I still have a pretty black thumb!! We are actually working on sending a package from CA to FL to Haiti-so we’ll see if we get it or not!? If we do, I can give you all the information and how its done. Another good way is send stuff to short term visitors homes, and they can pack it in their suitcase for us.

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