A stroll in the new neighborhood.

We traded an ocean view -from our roof- for a gorgeous mountain view. I love both really, so I am just enjoying the change in scenery. The green mountains are everywhere around us, it’s lovely really. And the minute you leave our front gate, when you look up to the mountains, you can actually see the citadel! It’s considered the 8th wonder of the world… and let me tell you, it’s something to behold! We actually visited it when we came to Cap Haitian way back in September-when Brandon’s parents came to Labedee via cruise ship. We walked the entire thing-which was about 7 miles round trip-and 3.5 straight up! It was such an intense work out! But absolutely breathtaking! Anyway, we can see it from our house, and it’s so cool!  We try and get out for a walk most afternoons, and it’s wonderful. We have walked for hours in the fields, tons of one-four acre patches of land-with cows, goats, plantains, and sugar cane. The funny part is, as we walk, little heads peak up from their work. These guys work the fields, and are always so friendly, and are pretty shocked when we pull out some Creole. They can’t figure out why we are walking through fields, which of course just makes me laugh. All the guys working in the fields are using basic hoe and shovels to farm their land-so much work! Yesterday we saw a baby cow and Brandon and I pet it! Oh man, I would LOVE to have my own cow!!

Look closely! It's right in the middle of the picture- See the most pointy mountain right in the middle-it's left of that, somewhat behind it.
There are these little gates everywhere.. SO cute!
Really, everywhere. It's because there are fields all over the place
A quiet little stream not too far from our place.

3 thoughts on “A stroll in the new neighborhood.

  1. You two should write the screen play for “Paradise Found”, staring Brandon and Jessica Stone. What a beautiful setting. For two people who love to see the world, God knew what he was doing when he tapped you on the shoulder and asked you to go to Haiti as his Ambasadors. You are so fortunate … enjoy, you deserve it.

  2. Well, in most fields, it’s to keep the animals in. There is usually a cactus fence all the way around, and the gate allows the people in and out, and the animals when they want them to graze on another piece of land.

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