Salt muffins

Here’s a funny one for ya. Last night, I made Haitian spaghetti. So far, it’s the best Haitian dish I can make. (Although, I am rapidly learning to make new tasty dishes from the woman whose helping us while Jim and Bob are here, Manette. The crack up? She made spaghetti tonight-American spaghetti!! I laughed so hard. I was going to tell her how funny it was that an American was making Haitian dishes while a Haitian was making America dishes-but was afraid I would offend her, or that she might feel bad that we had spaghetti two nights in a row! So, instead I just chuckled to myself all while she made it, and while we all ate it. In addition, today I showed her how to make banana bread-she loved it! Oh, but on a side note: Since she asked me to show her, when she tasted some I made last week, I thought I would quiz her at the end. She said she didn’t need to write anything down, she could remember it all. After we scooped it into the loaf pan, she repeated everything. It was only then, as she listed off all the ingredients, did I notice I forgot to add the bananas! We started laughing, and she even made a little joke too-because I made her list the ingredients for fig pen (banana bread) she said those were just the ingredients for pen.. and chuckled, which of course made me laugh harder! She must think I am special because this isn’t the first time I’ve done something silly like that. The first week we got here, one day I was very much in the mood to bake. So, I made corn bread muffins for dinner, and banana bread. As Brandon and I sat down to eat, and bit into the corn bread, it tasted like salt. I’m talkin’ like a salt muffin. It was awful! I couldn’t figure it out, until I realized I used salt instead of sugar!!!! When we moved, I had a ziplock of sugar, and got that mixed up with a ziplock of salt they had at the house! Who keeps a ziplock full of salt anyway??? I was SO mad! And of course that meant the banana bread was also ruined!! Not only did I waste all that time making them, but wasted the precious few ingredients I brought in to make them-like pecans, and corn meal. Okay, only two, but still. Annoying. I had to tell Manette the next day, along with the other two guys living here who were wondering why I was giving good food to the chickens. The guys laughed, but Manette kinda looked at me sideways, probably thinking, “who mistakes sugar for salt?” Ah, my life as one big awkward and humbling moment!


2 thoughts on “Salt muffins

  1. So…I love that you post your mistakes and humbling moments! I have actually made chocolate chip cookies with an old college roommate (who was baking them to go alongside a persuasive speech for her speech class the next day about “Why she was the best baker”) using Bisquick instead of flour. The cookies were disgusting and flat. And…I can’t remember if my roommate had time to make more cookies or not…ah the memories

  2. Kelly-that sounds rough! Poor thing…and oh the thick irony of her whole thing centering around ‘being the best baker ever’ !

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