Another good-bye

The week went by too fast, the whole five days we had with Curtis and Danielle. The latter half of the week, we were able to show them a little of what we are doing here. We did some ‘mapping’ with them, which allowed us to show them Cap Haitian. We simply drove along the roads looking for pumps, and when we found them, we’d jump out and write down a bunch of information down too. There were a few times when the pumps had an easy fix, and Curtis was able to help Brandon fix the pump right there, and give that community clean water right away. We loved it, Curtis and Danielle loved it, and the community was so excited! Another day we drove to the border of the Dominican Republic. It’s only about 45 miles from where we live, and it was fun to go and check it out. Since Brandon and I have to renew our visas, and we want to explore the DR, we scoped it all out while we were there. It’s a typical border crossing- crazy and confusing. Close the border is a town called Fort Liberte, and they have an old fort right on the ocean. It was so cool too, cause to get to it, you have to drive through this small and unassuming little town. I love how there are old forts and ruins in so many random places! Our last night we went to this great restaurant in downtown Cap Haitian. They have amazing food! Of course, us girls took the opportunity to dress up, it was so fun to feel girly! We can back and hung out at our house, just chatting. They left the next morning, bright and early. We drove them to a a little town about two hours away, they got on mottos, then took a boat, and a truck to get back to their place! Oh, how fun it was so see them, and how thankful we are they made the long journey to come and see us! It sucked to say goodbye, since they are moving back to Kentucky in May, and we are unsure of when we’ll see them next. But, they have huge hearts for Haiti, so I think we’ll see them again sometime!!

The sweet welcome sign-some towns have no signs, while others really go all out!
We actually had to walk through there to get to the other side-creepy!
This building within the fort was actually in great condition.
me and Danielle on the top, with a great view of the massive harbor (I'd say bigger than San Diego's!!)
We even got to celebrate Danielle's birthday-even though it was the week before-it was still her birthday week!!

Aretha loved Danille-she would perch right on her hand-cracked us both up!!!


Back at our house, our last night just hanging out chatting

3 thoughts on “Another good-bye

    1. Hi Brandon and Jessica, We have been following your posts for a little while now.Ron and I love to see what you are doing and your wonderful way of writing about your experiences. We especially loved you little chick episode. When I read your posts I often cry because of both of your generous and loving hearts. I thank God for you, I’m so humbled to be your aunt.What an awesome thing to be part of God’s work, there isn’t anything better in this world.God bless. Love, Aunt Paula and Uncle Ron.

  1. How fun to hear from you guys!! I love that you are keeping up to date on what we are up to over here…thanks for caring and taking the time to read everything. Oh Paula, you are so tenderhearted, I just love that about you. I feel so thankful to have an aunt as gracious and loving as you are! We love you guys tons!

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