A work trip to Port au Prince

Living Water has three places that it is working in, in Haiti. One is where we are, Cap Haitian. The other two are Port au Prince and Leogane. As of now, the people that are working in Leogane are all Nationals, which is great! In Port au Prince, there is a couple there who pretty much are doing the same thing we are. This weekend, we went down there to meet them, get to know them, and brainstorm with them over the many tasks and challenges we are all facing. We had a great time! They are a sweet couple, who lived and served in Africa for a long time before coming to Haiti. They have been here about a year and a half. We liked them right away, and they have lots of experience and wisdom to share. We see eye to eye with them about a lot of things, which is very refreshing. We were able to sit down with them and talk strategy, and set goals in realistic time frames. In this country, is so nice to know we have other LWI staff who are dealing with the same things we are, and we are excited to tackle things as a team. God was sovereign in our time together, orchestrating a chance to meet two solid people who love the Lord wholeheartedly. Plus, Jennifer was such a great hostess and had these wonderful meals prepared for us, which meant I didn’t have to cook all weekend! This is a treat in a country where there is no fast food, an not even anything that is somewhat ‘ready made’! On Sunday, we went to church with them too, which was strange since it was an English speaking church. It was filled with half Haitians and half not-Haitians-the most white people we’ve seen in church in Haiti ever! It was refreshing to worship in English, to know the familiar songs, and to understand the sermon. But, it was this quasi reality as I found myself staring at all the white people so curious as to what their stories were and what they are doing here.. a bit distracting!  Then they took us out to this cute little restaurant that was indoor/outdoor, in the nicer part of town, Petionville. They had great food, typical Haitian food, but very tasty. I do have to say, one major highlight of the trip was Jennifer took us to her grocery store. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for ours in Cap Haitian. It’s a huge step above Port de Paix-I can get sliced meat, some cheese, even beef. But you always want what you can’t have huh?? Well, this one is FOUR stories!! It has a parking garage, real deli, a bakery, and fresh fruits! I was walking around with a hanger in mouth, taking pictures, while all the other white people in the store were staring at me. I wanted to yell at them and tell them to be thankful they have pears, cream cheese, tortilla chips, sour cream!! Brandon was, shockingly, not as excited as me. In fact, I think I embarrassed him! I didn’t care. Every time I pulled something off the shelf he would say, “Did you see how expensive that was!??” Or he would quiz me to make sure I knew how much it was in US dollars. Oh I knew, I just didn’t care. That is the difference between us. Yes, when I haven’t had cream cheese in five months, I am willing to pay $6 for a tiny container. Somethings I didn’t even look at the price as I tossed them in the basket. All the while, I was becoming more elated as we moved up each story, and Brandon was getting more and more annoyed as he’s tallying the total in his head. Don’t worry,  I didn’t let him get to me! Well, perhaps I did, cause now that we are back home, I am bummed I only got three cream cheeses and two sour creams.. should have grabbed more!!

Jennifer and me. Pretty isles, with perfectly stacked goods. A/C and baskets.. it was delightful
Us with Dennis and Jennifer, in their front porch. We had such a great time getting to know them!
The cute restaurant where we had lunch

2 thoughts on “A work trip to Port au Prince

  1. ok, I take way to much for granted. I am excited that yu got some goodies to put in your fridge!!
    May you be blessed at Easter!
    He is Risen!

    Love you!

  2. so fun sister! I am glad you out-maneuvered Brandon! I could also feel and love your excitement for meeting a like-minded couple. What a treasure!

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