Port au Prince.

It is such a big city, it’s really not our favorite place. But, now that we have other LWI staff members living there, and they are always so sweet and welcoming, it’s not too bad to go for a visit. We all met together to do some training-our bosses were in town from the States. We had a great week together! It was so nice to get to know each other, brainstorm about some strategies and ideas about how to move forward, and we all had  some training to do. Jennifer and I trained on learning health and hygiene, and Brandon did some more training on the drill rig. I am a bit overwhelmed by how much information is out there on the topic of hygiene, but it was good to learn some ideas on how to implement such practices in communities. Just as much as people need clean water for good health, they need to be learning (if they don’t already know) and practicing good hygiene habits too. A lot of people get sick and even die from not just drinking dirty water-but also from not so stellar hygiene habits. I’ve got a lot to learn before I can train national staff, and we can go out into communities, but it was great to start taking some steps in the right direction! The ladies took a break from training one day to go and check on the boys. It was the first time I had ever seen a drill rig in action, and it was pretty cool! Here are some photos and I’ll do my best to explain what is going on…

Basically one guy operates it. Another stands by to help. Then two or three guys need to shovel and move the dirt/mud away from the hole as it comes up.
I know it's hard to see his face with those sweeet goggles on, but that's his excited expression.
This is Russ showing Brandon the ropes. This drill is an air driller-we'll be getting something different up North here- a mud driller. But there still is a lot we can learn on this rig too.
Then as you make progress down the hole, you add pipe.. one piece at a time.
And it gets attached to the rig. As you can imagine this can take a long, long time. In Port au Prince they have been drilling as deep at 400 feet and still not getting water!
This special pipe was brought in because the sides of the hole kept collapsing-not allowing them to drill. So they had to put this in the hole and drill inside of it.! Crazy!!
Yes, that is a man way up there (Dennis) making sure the pipe gets in there right.
Some people choose to really gear up-trying to avoid the spray of mud...!!!!
Other people just take it and enjoy a nice shower at the end of the day. Brandon and Dennis


Jim & Jodi (our bosses who live in MI) Dennis and Jennifer (who live in PAP) us, and Russ (great guy who came to drill)


One thought on “Port au Prince.

  1. Great pictures. That’s a dirty process you’ve got to go through there. Clean water is worth it though, right?

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