Things that come in a box.

What is it about packages? Is it that someone went through the effort to gather up things for you, or that they wrapped it all up and sent it off, or that it’s like having Christmas on a random fantastic day? I don’t know, I just know we love them! We actually got a package from some family and friends a few weeks ago, and we are still enjoying and savoring the thoughtful things they sent! Whether it’s books, movies, magazines, snacks, photos,medicine, or love notes-they are a delight! A huge thank you to our sweet family and friends who sent it our way-and even a month later we are still enjoying our precious stash of goods!!

My mom sent us packages-for fun and for our anniversary!! Cute dish cloths, movies, candy, books, and a sweet card!
My mom sent Brandon's favorite coffee-from Trader Joe's and some guy movies!
Grandpa and Grandma stocked us up with great multi-vitamins and probiotics to help keep us heathy! And they even sent us a dvd from a great sermon they loved! So sweet!
This was a surprise as my good friend Darcy found out our parents were sending us a package and got in on it! They sent me a girls dream with girly magazines, candy and snacks!
And they sent Brandon a boys delight with surfer magazine and big league chew-to remind us of our Sunday night co-ed softball games! How we miss softball and them!!
Brandon's amazing mom stuffed in some of my favorite magazines-Real Simple and Martha Stewart (feels like home to me!) and chocolate chips that didn't melt too bad, a hand made anniversary card and packed it so perfectly and sent it for us!

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