Beautiful DonDon

And by the way, DonDon was just beautiful. It was so green and lush. We even found a huge waterfall! Oh, and it felt like home cause in the middle of nowhere, we turned a corner and you would never guess what we saw! A huge white sign in the mountains exactly like the Hollywood sign from LA! I laughed so hard and could hardly believe it! I’m talking exactly the same! A few people from the team took photos, I’ll have to post it when we get those from them. But it was so similar and thus so bizarre!

A beautiful waterfall on our way to DonDon


In addition, every day towards the bottom of the mountain there was an old man working away with wood. He was making several pilons, which are basically a pestol and mortar made out of wood. I have one at home, and use it pretty often. Haitians use one for almost everything they make. They mash up things like garlic, parsley, hot peppers, onions, etc, and add to just about everything. It make Haitian food Haitian, and it’s good good good. On the last day I told them what it was and asked if anyone wanted to buy one. They were so excited, especially cause they saw him working on them all week long!

He was so excited too cause so many people wanted one, he sold eight!

One day we stopped to have lunch right by this beautiful river. It was so peaceful and quiet. We had a great time eating lunch, chatting, and enjoying God’s creation.

Isn't it gorgeous!!?
Me, Anna, Allen, and Brandon


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