Extreme makeover-Haiti style.

I can’t quite explain to you how dark and scary the new house was. It is all concrete, which we didn’t realize how dark it made everything, until we got a few coats of paint up. And wow! What a difference a few bright colors made! I can actually say after a solid week of painting, it no longer looks dark and ominous… but rather bright, cheery and inviting!

It was so wonderful to have help, let me tell you. Charl and I did all the painting, and after just one day on our own we got smart and hired Claude to help us out too. He did all the ceilings, bless him, and we three sure made a great team! Charl trimmed non stop, I rolled with a massive roller the size of door, and Claude craned his neck to do all the ceilings. I will say though, as much as I needed Charl’s help to simply get all the rooms done, her help, advise and expertise in the art of mixing sure was wonderful. Turns out, we are a regular ol’ pair of mixers, making all sorts of fun colors for each room! Did you know that with just three colors-white, yellow, and red- you can make a lot of fun colors?? And of course it was important to have another woman, who actually cared about the colors! It was so annoying cause we’d ask the boys what they thought,and they would just mumble something and move on. So, because Charl was here, I actually got help and input about something as silly as paint colors-which if you ask me is a serious thing. Who wants just boring white? And you also don’t want scary mixed colors either! Thankfully, Bob shipped in tons of excellent quality paint, which made the process go much quicker-Haitian paint soaks in so bad to concrete, that you usually have to do three or four coats to get a nice even look. Not this stuff-one coat and we were off to the next room!


The before in the area that will be our own living room...
Being the amazing paint mixers we are-we had three choices..guess which one we picked??
Isn't is so pretty?? You can't tell, but it's a deep orange-so fun. (We chose the far one on the right.)
One of the guest rooms..creepy dark thing...


We mixed the paint for two rooms, and ran out-so we just did one of the walls a bright orange-it turned out great! Go us the fabulous paint mixers!
A before bedroom...
Look how much better simple white makes it look!
A soft pretty yellow...
Charl and I might have got distracted a few times to take some fun photos and have some good laughs! This was part of a door that was taken off of a unfinished closet.. cute huh?
Charl, Brandon, me, Bob, Jo -all breaking for lunch sitting on the veranda with a delightful breeze.


While Charl and I were busy with the very important painting, the boys were off playing around in the water. Okay, not exactly-they were working hard to figure out the maze of pipe that we call ‘plumbing’ to try and see if we would actually be able to get water all throughout the house-and they did it! HOOOORRRAAAY. Running water to all bathrooms and the kitchen, what an amazing thing that was.

Water -- from the pipes !! That is HUGE !!!


Yes, I am just that excited. So much, that I even squeezed them both even though we stuck together since we were all so sweaty! (did you notice the pretty yellow walls??)
These guys are amazing-they are welding to make us bars for the windows-a very tedious job!
Check that out. Grapefruit, and there are about 5 more trees of it! And we even have a cherry tree, and an orange tree, banana trees, and mangos!! Amazing.

4 thoughts on “Extreme makeover-Haiti style.

  1. Ok Rachael, I waited a few minutes (LOL)…. What started out looking like a 16th Century Prison, has been masterfully turned into a Living, breathing work of art. You two girls should go into business. Looks like Better Homes and Gardens needs to run a spread on your diggs.
    So glad to hear that the Containers are moved w/o any major problems.
    LWI has no idea how lucky they are to have you and Brandon running the project in Cap. The good Lord no doubt looked down yesterday evening and said, ” well done my good and faithful workers”. What you two are experiencing, most people can only dream about. You are in our prayers every day, and when I awake at night, the first thing I think about is you two. What a team … you are truly God’s Ambassadors to the Haitian folks.
    Our love and prayers,
    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Wow Sweet Sister! The new place looks amazing! I can’t even believe you guys mixed your own colors and just went for it! I love the different shades of orange! All the wonderful paint really transforms the whole thing- great job you two!

    Grandpa- truth is I love reading your comments as well so it works out better if you comment first then I can read both!

  3. You have done SUCH AN AMAZING JOB!!! I definitely would have picked the 3rd choice on the right too (at least for that room!) Glad you had help & your painting skills have been hard at work!

    1. Kelly,

      I know you have painted your share of doors, door jams, and such. You are quite the little painter too, so you know what hard work it is!

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