Shops shops shops.

So I may not have a Target, or a grocery store bigger than a 7-11, and I may not have a mall, or even a drug store on every corner. But what I do have are lots of little shops. I don’t have a mall, but I have about 25 tables with jeans of all different sizes shapes and colors. And there may not be a fitting room, but I have about 30 personal shoppers that will tell me if that pair will fit me and look good.

I may not have a salon or any kind of spa like the ones back home, but there is beauty shop on almost every corner.

And I am not a fan of big bad corporate businesses that put all the little guys out of business (don’t even get me started on Walmart!) which means by default I like the little guys. In Haiti, the little guys are the only guys, and when you have a list of 20 things you need, chances are you are stopped at about 15 stores.

What does that mean for everyday life? Craziness. Not only being okay with only finding 10 things on your list, but rejoicing that you actually got ten things on your list! And it also means that there is lots going on. All these little shops are right on the main road, advertising their goods with brightly colored signs and pictures for those that can’t read.

I have to show you so you understand.

Since I don’t like being that person with a camera pointed out of the car all the time, there are still many things I have yet to capture on film and share. But when we have a team, there are few cameras out, and so sometimes I join the masses and bust mine out too. On this day, Christine and I were ridding shot gun (with an impeccable view of everything) so while she was making a video-which really tells the story even better than photos- I grabbed her camera and started snapping away. Let me show you some interesting finds along the way. Check out my Facebook timeline if you want to see the video Christine took of downtown Cap Haitian.

Beauty shop.
A mobile store-okay not really. But a loaded down tap tap, a common site here in Haiti, which makes driving anywhere quite a challenge!!!
The lovely open air mall.
The pictures crack me up-but it’s smart really since so many people can’t read.


A section of Home Depot-in new and improved PINK.
Another beauty shop-I’m telling you people here make sure they look good, all the time!
The bike shop. New and used-get ’em while they are hot!
Body shop with a VIEW.
The tourist market…all your souvenirs at “unbeatable low low prices….everything is on sale all the time! “
Beef store or road block ?
The hunky hunk store? haha. Bran and Rich.

2 thoughts on “Shops shops shops.

  1. So fun! Love the pictures- I can just picture you making your way to all those different booths charming your way to most anything you need!

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