We are having a GIRL.

Even as I type the words I can hardly believe it!! We are indeed pregnant- the really crazy news- and now we found out we are having a girl.

Of course, I can’t help myself and wanted to tell people in a creative and fun way. So I heard about these “sex reveal” parties-no they are not creepy but rather where you reveal the sex of what you are having. And one fun way was through filling the middle of cupcakes the correct color and making everyone bite into them to see what we are having! Sounds simple enough eh?

Well, it was pretty tough to make. I used food coloring to make the frosting, and then injected it into cupcakes I made. That took about two hours. The best part was-in my freaky love for surprises-we didn’t tell anyone we knew. So we casually invited family over to dinner, Brandon had just come back into town, so it was perfect. No suspicion.

I set the cupcakes out with a note that read something like, ‘eat these and the pregnant woman will hunt you down”. I couldn’t have someone taking a bite out prematurely and ruining the surprise!! Well, my brother thought it was funny to joke that he ate one, and when I went postal, Brandon thought it was time we tell everyone why they were special cupcakes. This was right as we gathered to pray and eat. So no one wanted to eat, and voted we eat the cupcakes right then. I agreed. Then I had to have them all close their eyes- I know, all this for a little surprise!!- because turns out when you inject cupcakes with colored frosting, it leaks out the bottom! Hello. No one warned me of this when I read how to do it. So everyone stuck out their hands, with eyes closed, and I placed cupcakes. Then announced, “Dig in”

The soon to be grandma’s were off. I’ve never seen them scarf a cupcake that fast in my life!! They wanted to be first so they found out first! Well, I see my mom digging around in hers-totally cheating to see the color faster- and everyone kind of has this confused look on their faces.

No one could see the color!

I start cracking up, Brandon is rolling his eyes like this huge production didn’t work after all. The mothers are getting desperate yelling, “I can’t see anything!!” and my brother casually says, “What does purple mean?”

Brandon looks at me like, seriously, you didn’t do pink?? So everyone hears him, we start laughing, and they all now know we are having a girl!! It was hilarious. Quite the family drama, and all because I just can’t help myself and love surprises!

Then, we were off to the beach with some friends the next day and I thought I would take some cupcakes and do the same with them. (I can’t help myself, I think it’s a sickness) Mind you, that night my one girlfriend called to see how the surprise went and in telling her I told her the debacle and then said the color of the filling-ruined that surprise. The next morning, before the beach, I went out to breakfast with another dear friend, and as I was talking about our baby I used “she”. I’ve been doing that off and on, since Brandon was sure we were having a girl, I would use ‘she’ often. But she straight called me out on it and I couldn’t lie! Ruined that one too.

Thankfully, we were still able to surprise a few more friends with the cupcakes at the beach. But I then realized we had just better get the word out, since what I am normally so good at, surprises, I was ruining left and right!! Mind you, this was all after I threatened Brandon not to ruin the surprise, since we knew for a day before telling anyone. Yes, it was me who couldn’t get it together!!

The cute cupcakes…
Passing them out…
Mom wondering what is going on-Ben asking, what is purple??
Mom and Reid and even cousin Taj were so into it!!
Grandma and dad loving the cupcake surprise!
Brandon acting surprised-he thinks he’s SO funny!
Despite the hiccups, it was a fun way to tell everyone!
The Big Reveal at the beach.-Kelly was super excited for the fun filled cupcakes!!
The other girls, Darcy, Melissa, and Kelly loved finding out too!









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