“Stones in limbo sharing their experiences with you…”

I feel stumped. I mean, when the title of our blog is “Stones in Haiti sharing their experiences with you…” how exactly do I write about life now? In this strange quasi land of the unknown? Perhaps we should rename the title, “Stones in limbo sharing their experiences with you…”?

One of us is Haiti. One of us is in the US of A. We might as well be on two different planets. Some people, okay more like most, would say that poor Brandon has the rough end of the stick. After all, he did just get stuck by lightening. And what is that about anyway?? You wanna know how jacked my hormones are? I cry at anything and everything normally, but when he was telling me what happened,moments after it happened, all I could do was laugh. Laugh!! At my husband who was freaked out, shocked, and didn’t know what to think. Mind you, he was urging me to go out and buy lottery tickets in the midst of his relating of events, so don’t judge me to harshly for seeming cold hearted.  And the whole time I’m wishing I was there-twisted I know.

So it should be almost over. This living apart ridiculousness. Plans are getting more finalized, and we should be off to Nicaragua by mid November. !!! Haiti has turned me into a sceptic, so I guess I probably won’t really believe it until I am standing on Nicaraguan soil.

It has seemed silly to me to post about life now in the states. I guess because of that darn description at the top-it has really been holding me back. But what else am I supposed to be writing about then? If you know me, you know I’m not writing for lack of things to say that’s for sure. So maybe I’ll just change the title and feel better about posting anything I feel like! So this post is dedicated to the fun photos I want to share-and have wanted to share. Simply because they are fun. Because I hardly ever get to post photos of our family and friends, since, well, we haven’t been around them much in the last three years! So here are some fun moments captured on film over the last few months… I’m so far behind, so I will only  give a short description below the photo. Enjoy!!

Dinner at Cheesecake-yum! Mom, dad, Clinton and Cortney
More eating with my mom and brother!
At Kings Fish house-Grandpa and Grandma took us out on a hot date!
Grandma and I shared the crab legs-YUM.
Much needed girl time with Darcy and Kelly
Hanging out with Kelsey and Reid 🙂
Their cute little guy, Taj, who is so excited to have “baby tousin” !!
An all evening event-Dipping! These ladies helped us dip some amazing treats for the shower my sister and I threw for Ashley-Our brother’s fiancé. We had so much dipping oreos, pretzels, cake pops, marshmallows!
Here they are at the shower on display.
The lovely bride to be with her super excited soon to be sister in laws!!!
So fun to get family together and celebrate their upcoming marriage!
The beautiful mother of the groom-my mom! 🙂 With my aunt Karen and Cathy
Sweet aunt Marlis and Linda came from far and near!
Ashley-our brother Ben’s fiancé-with her lovely mom and aunt.
My cousin and I are both pregnant-love it!! We are close in age, and grew up super close, so it’s so fun to be pregnant together!! She’s due two months before me.
It was lovely-I have to say that was my sister’s creative eye! She is amazing. And even hand made those little burlap sleeves!!
My sister and her husband came to CA for almost a month-to visit family-and it was so amazing to be here at the same time too! And have over a month to soak her up and her sweet family!
Love baseball. This was a minor league thing, and our seats were so close! Only the bad part was you HAD to pay attention cause there was only a teeny tiny net behind home plate and that left us off to the side as balls zoomed past our faces. I was seriously sketched out! I had a glove on the whole time-ready!
Ashley and I ate my brothers ice cream….It was his fault! Never leave ice cream un-attended near a pregnant woman!
A fun and wild day at the beach. Things are go go go with these cute kids!!
Video games and stick on tattoos-life is simple when you are four!
Carter-my sister’s oldest loves to snuggle up-and I can’t get enough!
And nothing beats ghetto Rite Aid ice cream!!


Staying cool from the “heat”. Okay, it was hot for southern CA, but a nice break from Haiti’s weather!
My aunt Kathy got me and my cousin baby outfits! One of each cause at the time we didn’t know what we were having! But we just swapped clothes recently cause she’s have a boy and we’re having a girl!
I made yummy juice-in honor of missing Haiti. It’s the oh so amazing Juice Manette taught me how to make. I did NOT know we could find passionfruit here-and it was growing at my in-laws neighbors!! You just scoop it all out, strain it, add some juice from oranges, a little tiny bit of sugar and the rest is water = one tasty and refreshing drink !!
Sweet Malena-the daughter of our friends Eric and Dejah-the couple working on the OTB kitchen in Tijuana.
Me and dad Stone hanging out on the back patio-keeping cool in the heat!
Uncle Brandon showing Taj a new game on the Ipad- or was it Taj showing Brandon…. ?


Our good friends Casey and Melissa came for a visit from Colorado. It was SO fun!! It worked out so beautifully that they were here when Brandon was on one of his short trips to CA! We had so much seeing them, and hanging out with a few other good friends who still live close by. We sure do miss hanging out all of us! What a treat to have everyone together again-such solid amazing friends, and we have so much fun together!
Jordy and Darcy just bought a house in Carlsbad-it’s so cute! Their little girl, Jolie, was so excited for her new place. We loved being here to see where they will be living now.
We spent a day at the beach-all day-it was lovely. I soaked up every single minute with Melissa!
We even did some boogie boarding together-now that was fun! She is always up for adventure and fun-one of the many things I love about her!
Brandon and the guys-Casey and Jordy and of course us ladies too 🙂
Kelly, Darcy, me and Melissa. Such amazing women, I’m so thankful they are in my life!!
This crowd loves sushi! And Darcy showed me the many rolls i can still eat while pregnant-yay!
For old times sake, we of course had to go to our favorite dive bar- The Red Rooster. Jordy, Brandon, Luke and Casey love it there, and all had the famous rooster burger.
We all got into some serious ping pong. I love this group because we are all competitive-in a good way-and have so much playing sports together. The ladies are no exception, and the four of us played it out! I’m sad to report that Kelly and Melissa were the champions.
Brandon and I doing what we LOVE. We miss this so much…hiking. There are a few national forests in Nicaragua and we hope to get back into it there. Although, I’m much slower these days!


And really-is this thing not amazing? My bother created this!










4 thoughts on ““Stones in limbo sharing their experiences with you…”

  1. Limbo connotes “transition”, and that’s exactly where you and Brando find yourselves. One foot in Haiti, and another about to step onto the land of Nicaragua. Separation is another meaningful word in your vocabulary, since absence makes the heart grow fonder. Obviously Brandon was not the only occupant of the Office in Haiti, his unseen guest was there to protect him from harm. Things can be replaced, however people occupy our souls, and it is difficult when our “sole mate” is away. Soon you both will be embarking on a new adventure, one filled with unknowns, but enticing you to enlarge your outreach to another needy group of God’s children. Your family obviously is important to you and remember … you and Brandon are very important to those of us who know and love you. God bless you for your commitment. You both are unique in your dedication, insight, talents, and commitment. Our prayers go with you where ever you serve our Lord.

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