First things first.

Oh my goodness. I didn’t realize just how long it had been since I blogged!! AH.

Let me catch you up on a few things that transpired since the end of May-the last time I posted. A dear friend, Nikki, and her roommate Sarah came for a visit. Nikki and I go way back, and it’s always so great to see her and catch up on life. She too works for a not for profit, and knows all the joys and heartache that it entails! We always have much to compare and chat about, and every time I see her, I just miss her more!!

It was so much fun to have more visitors, and especially two fun girls! We had such a great time visiting  beaches, eating out, touring downtown, doing some shopping, and just catching up on life. They were able to spend a few days with us, and then went off to explore more of Nicaragua.  We had some quality time just us girls, time with Eliana too of course, and Nikki is so sweet with her! Eliana was fascinated with Nikki-she loves women’s higher pitched voices, and Nikki wears fun jewelry that Eliana loved grabbing on to!

Here are a few photos of our time together.


Nikki meeting Eliana !


We all got dressed up and went out to dinner-they loved the place we took them too-a bbq type place with perfectly cooked yummy meat!!
Brandon watched Eliana while went out for coffee-it was so nice to have girl time!!



Hanging out at home, Nikki loving on Eliana.
What a dear friend she is, how I love her!!


It was such a treat to have her and Sarah come and visit.  I’m so thankful for her, so thankful we have kept in touch over the years (we’ve been friends since high school!!) She is such a treasure.

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