Two days left.

I’ve almost made it. I feel like I’m on mile 11, I know the finish line is close, and I’m doing it. I’m making it. But I am tired. I need some water, maybe even a caffeine gummy.

As I was having my quiet time the yesterday, I feel like the Lord was trying to show me something. There wasn’t really a particular verse that I was reading, but it was more so as I was praying and sitting with Him, asking Him to re-fill me with His love and patience for my sweet children, that I felt Him say to me,”don’t just survive while your husband is gone, thrive.” Ooooooo. That was a good word for me. Some days I’ve been acting l we’re just killing time until he comes back. Trying to distract myself from the fact that he is out of town. Which, of course there is nothing wrong with that. But I think it can dictate how my day goes, what my attitude and perspective is on the day is as well. As I was sharing my heart with a friend, she told me that when her children were young and her husband was gone she would do the same. She embraced being off the hook for cooking dinner every night (and reminded me how great and fun it is to have breakfast for dinner!), and to find those fun projects that you’ve been wanting to get done but find hard to when all you want to do when your husband is home is hang out with him.

So for the last week, I did.

I made eggs and hash browns one night. I did a super easy and delicious potato soup the next day (here is the recipe !!  then eggs again! And I have been working on a few projects that I’ve actually been making some real progress on with all this time to myself. I’ve been writing, a lot. God has been putting it on my heart more and more, and I’m trying to listen to Him and walk in obedience in this one.

I printed out pictures for a collage I want to do in Hudson’s room. I’ve purposefully avoided doing anything too intricate (I love me some Pinterest but I can get carried away!) for Eliana’s birthday party so I don’t loose perspective and spend too much time on something her sweet little 3yr self won’t notice. I re-habed my bike as you saw! I finally printed the rest of the photos for my shelves in the hallway. I made that calendar I was telling you about to get myself a little more organized.  I found and have almost finished a great parenting book (PreSchool Wise) that has been amazing in helping me deal with some things dealing with parenting Eliana’s little heart. And,I even weeded, remember?!

Overall, I would say it’s been a productive week.  (But I still can’t wait for him to get home!!)


6 thoughts on “Two days left.

  1. Way to go!! That is a long time to be a single parent!! It sounds to me like you were definitely thriving!!! You sure got a lot done!

  2. Now take a deep breathe – and remind yourself that you MORE than survived this time at home alone (even without the help of mothers close by). You have found out new things about yourself and what you are capable of – one day at a time! Now you can relish in having family life “back to normal” but even as you listen to your husband’s adventures while he was gone, you know that you too have personal accomplishments and something more than just being a “dependent” wife to offer to the mix. Well-done! God is good – always!


  3. God has a way of giving us a new perspective, you have embraced it dear Jessica! I love it when He so gently takes our face in His hands and says,”You can do this, with Me, ALL things are possible.”
    Love you!

  4. I’ve so enjoyed and been inspired by your writings, Jessica. You are truly a gifted writer.
    You’ve made it thru a rough time…. feeling like a single parent w/out support and worrying about Brandon’s well being, so far away. You are not only thriving but blessing those who follow your lives.

  5. Jessica, I know it seems like forever before Brandon gets home, but God is totally in control. He has blessed you with all the strength you need to take care of those precious children he has given you and has empowered you to do whatever it takes to survive until Brandon gets home. I love reading your blogs and love how open & honest you are. Sure wish we could have seen you all, but we will sometime. Please come visit us whenever you can. Keep strong, you are a good Mommy!
    Love, Judy

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