Happy New Year!

There’s something lovely about a Christmas card. I think I enjoy it even more since we are becoming such a society where everything is online. A real, paper, in the mail letter is kind of a special treat don’t you think? (So a big bravo to those who were able to get one out this year, and if you didn’t don’t feel any guilt- be free!!) And even though I feel this way, it still took me all month and then some to get mine out. Yes, we do have a newborn, but I feel like there is always, well, life, that happens and makes it hard to do such a simple but grand thing! (In fact, most years my letter is sent out after Christmas!!) One year I even labeled them New Years cards! But in the name of tradition, I had to be sure I got these babies out! So, they were a tad late, but here it is in web version. I post it here because A. some of you live in places where getting mail is either not possible or very difficult B. I didn’t have your current address or C. my now mush brain completely forgot to send you one and for that I’m SO sorry. Forgive me?IMG_8737.JPG


Dearest family and friends,

I do realize Christmas has passed. Believe it or not I had our ghetto diy photos done and stuffed in the envelopes, but this letter was the culprit. With sleep deprivation being a real thing around here, every time I had a free moment to write, I chose instead to sleep. Being a big fan of tradition, I just couldn’t let it go. However, don’t expect any coherent sentences, seeing as how at the very end of the day yesterday, I realized I had two very different earrings on.

Three kids three and under. Three kids when we truly thought we couldn’t have any! It’s wild. It’s blissful chaos. It’s fun and frustrating. It’s tender moments mixed with humbling ones. It’s also exhausting. I’m convinced there is a reason some cultures have kids in their teens. Because we are two tired looking parents in their mid thirties (When did that happen?) trying to figure out how to parent when we’re outnumbered. Brandon says man to man defense is out- suggesting then zone defense- and calling dibs on the upper zone…two kids in diapers is a bit much for him.

Eliana just started in on the sassy “threennager” thing, which is completely baffling, and keeps me on my knees before the Lord. Thankfully, she still is so sweet, doing things like pulling curtains open in the morning and shouting “It’s a beautiful day!” She also literally stops to smell the flowers every time we’re out for a walk, and she asks me talk to Jesus with her about things that scare her-top on the list being Texas’ house shaking thunder!

Hudson. He’s just like his daddy, easy going and laid back. He also loves to laugh and giggle; he is thrilled by the little things in life, his laughter and excitement is contagious. His favorite things in life are nakey nakey time, cars and trucks, books, snacks, and riding his bike. He is infatuated with his big sister, always making sure he is in sight of “Ana”.

Audra. She is a delight. I find myself in awe, once more, at how tiny, beautiful, and snuggly newborns are. And I’m savoring every moment, knowing she will be our last newborn. After incubating a child or having one attached to me for the last 30 out of 48 months, we’re ready to say three biological children is perfect for us.

Brandon. Poor guy continues to try and find activities to replace his first love-surfing. Off road bike riding, fly fishing, and running have become the recent attempts, my favorite being latter, not just because I get alone time with Audra, but also because he’s kind of a stud pushing around 60lbs. Work is work, and since it’s been about two years we are feeling a little bit antsy, so we’ll see if we’re still in Texas come 2017.

Even though my free time with two kids was limited, I was still finding time for things I love- writing, running, and seeing Esthetician clients. But free time with three is pretty elusive, so for now I am enjoying the park. There is one on every corner here in Katy, a place I wasn’t so sure about until I realized how essential fresh air is to my sanity. And our affection for Katy has greatly increased, because once again the Lord has graciously provided great friends and true community, and that makes any place feel like home… no matter how far it is from the ocean.


To you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!!! (okay, more like a Happy New Year…)

Love, The Stone family

One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Loved your Christmas card & update. Always enjoy hearing about your family from Dennis & Marva. Know your life is busy with 3 little ones but you seem to have a great attitude & even tho you’re  often (mostly) tired, there ARE advantages to parent in your 30’s. You are much more patient & can let things go rather than obsess about them like we all do in our 20’s :). Happy New Year! Excited to see what 2017 brings for you guys!Love , Cindy B.

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