“where do we live?”

I can’t really keep our living situation straight, so trying to explain it to my four year old has proved challenging.

“Yes, this is Nicaragua. We are finally here! No, honey, we’re not going back to Texas. And no we didn’t live in New Mexico, we were just visiting Auntie.  No, this isn’t California, we were visiting our family there. And yes, this is our new house, yes we are in Nicaragua (finally). Well, actually this is our house for a month while our stuff ships here. Remember mommy told you our stuff was boxed up and put on a ship? It’s in the ocean right now. So we’ll live here and then move to our new house. Then all your stuff will be there.”

I sound like a moron. And clearly I am not explaining myself well because she keeps asking me the same questions but in a different way. The good news is, we went to visit our new house just outside the capital of Managua on Sunday, and it’s lovely. Mind you, this was a small miracle. Brandon went to Nicaragua a few months back for work, and managed to find a house he thought might work for us as a family. He Face Timed me a few times to walk through a few houses with him (don’t you just love modern technology?!) but this particular house he didn’t have service at. So, instead of a video he sent me two pictures. And then he signed a lease! I have to say, I think that is a testimony to fourteen years of marriage right there! (That, and he really knows what I love… and perhaps I’m easy to please) Okay, truth be told, more like the first one option.

The house is great, tons of room. The backyard is amazing. It’s got lovely grass, a little dirt, rocks the kids will love, pretty trees, a great porch, even some shade, and a giant avocado tree. What more could a girl want?


2 thoughts on ““where do we live?”

  1. So glad your family made it safely to Nicaragua with 12 pcs of luggage. The new home sounds really nice…..bonus….avocado tree. You are soooo brave to embark on this journey. Does the humidity and mosquitos get to you? Here in Charlotte, the humidity has been awful….lots of rain and warning of mosquitos. Glad we go back to Ca. before mid July. Of course there are benefits to all the rain…..lush vegetation!
    Good luck as you settle in. Managua should be a better location & close to airport so D & M can visit 🙂

  2. So glad you all made it in one piece! What an adventure!! Poor Eliana’s eye! I’ve never seen anything like that! Glad she doesn’t seem bothered. Your house sounds perfect!!

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