I am home.

We are no longer homeless. Or wondering nomads. Or a family in transition. Or whatever you want to call it. May 1st we packed up our house and had it shipped to Nicaragua. Then we packed 8 bags full of things we thought we couldn’t live without for 3 months, and drove from Texas to New Mexico, then on to California. It was a delightful but whirlwind visit, the benefits of seeing loved ones thankfully outweighing the cost. And I’m not just talking the financial cost. I am specifically referring to the pleasant way children act when they are A. out of their routines, B. hyped up on sugar and extra attention and C. staying up way past their bedtimes and skipping naps too often! Six week of that and we flew to Nicaragua and we stayed at a furnished place on the beach to bide our time until our stuff arrived via container.

Not a bad idea in theory. Who wouldn’t’ love to kill some time at the beach while waiting for their household to arrive? 100 bites on the five of us combined, living in dense humidity and heat and this mama had to raise the white flag. Up it went, and off we went.

So we moved into the house we are renting. Why risk trying to make another place work?  Yes, we shocked our land lady when we called to tell her we’d be moving in without our stuff (she was like, ummmmm, what are you going to be sleeping on dear?) And we explained that a tile floor sounded better than where we were. I’m only kidding-mostly. A friend dropped off twin blow up mattresses and the two younger kids are each in pack n plays and Eliana has a sleeping bag.  We moved in last week, and the day we arrived our landlady came to greet us. She lives right next door to us, so she popped in to welcome us. Then she came back with a real mattress. Yes, she is just that nice. Then later that afternoon she came back with plates, silverware and banana bread. As she scanned my kitchen she was like, ‘do you have anything to eat?’ and I said yes. (peanut butter and jelly, what else do we need?) Then she offered the kids the banana bread and they ate it like they hadn’t eaten in a week. I sheepishly smiled. Then it was time for Audra to eat, and since we didn’t have a chair to sit on I just stood there and fed her. She smiled at me, and once again left our house and returned with two chairs. I just laughed. Partially out of the absurdity of it, partially because she was so sweet and if I didn’t laugh I’d pry cry.

Sigh. My heart is thankful. We still might be living in suitcases, but I am home. I might be flipping eggs with a wooden spoon and knife cause I don’t have a proper spatula, but I am home. I may have just severely overpaid for laundry because I can’t seem to find a laundry matt and can’t hand wash our clothes anymore because it’s been raining all week and things aren’t drying out and are starting to smell, but I am home. I did buy a wok from Costco and made a mean stir fry tonight, cause I am home. I have fans and the weather is amazing, and I am home. We have an avocado tree dropping like 5 a day, and I am home. I did go for a walk with the kids a few days ago and met one of our neighbors and it was so nice to say yes I live here and it’s nice to meet you, because I am home.


Thankfully we had that blow up mattress! Because Eliana, who rarely wets the bed, did two nights in a row. So that meant I tried to wash her sleeping bag by hand and it didn’t dry cause it was raining the next day. So I put a few sheets down as a bed, which she pee’d through the next night. Crap. Then I remembered we had that blow up and when Brandon finished blowing it up for her she sat on it and looked me right in the eyes and said, straight faced, “mama. This bed is so nice. It’s not like the ground, the ground is really hard” (Oh sweet thing!!)IMG_3019IMG_3016



5 thoughts on “I am home.

  1. Praise God for home !! You are so creative & that’s what I love about you being a Mommy – Your always looking to do things differently & with three children you learn to make life simple And

    They adapt and will thank you for that later in life .Be Thankful for your beautiful home and In no time Your “stuff” will arrive and then really settle in . I guess what I am trying to say Is this is a teachable moment & that to be so thankful for all you do have & to pray for those Who have nothing . I am grateful there are people who have given to your sweet family & helping in this waiting period . We have so much that God still wants to tap into so you can be His vessel in a dying world . So your Finding the humor –but also allow yourself to cry Sometimes it’s good for the soul. Love seeing your pictures of your Home & the sweet babies it’s Beautiful. Take care and love you dearly and many thoughts & Prayers .

    Hugs Mom & Grammy .


  2. oh my! You are much braver, stronger than I am! You are called to do this and that makes you pretty special.
    I love how you are making do with what you have at the moment and you still have a sense of humor.
    Prayers and love being sent to you and your precious family.

  3. You guys have a multitude of supporters out there, loving and praying for you daily. Remember, where God guides, he provides 🙏🏻

  4. Oh dear Jessica! I love reading your posts and watching God at work in your life. Isn’t it amazing how differently you see God’s tender mercies when all the “fluff” is taken away?!

    Your new home looks bright and airy ( and the AC can make the difference between surviving and thriving). You will make it home with your touches and the memories that are being made. It is good to know that you can now settle in and begin to find a rhythm to your life in this new chapter. As I’ve said to you before (and someone else mentioned in their comments): His will for you will never lead you where His grace cannot keep you. And His grace and mercies are new every morning.

    You are amazing – giving your family security, stability and perspective in new surroundings while sharing your adventure with the rest of us who love you – from a distance. One day at a time – that’s all we have to do – and today we send hugs and prayers your way!❣️

  5. Jessica, You definitely have the gift of writing! I always look forward to reading about how God is moving in your lives. We are praying and trusting that God will keep his hand of protection on you & the family there. He is faithful in what He says He will do. We will be happy when we here that your things have arrived & that you will be able to settle down to some sort of a routine. Children are so adaptable.You as the Wife & Mom definitely set the stage of stability in the home & it sure seems that you are doing this quite well. Love & prayers to you, Brandon & the kiddo’s

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