And the winner is…

I told you I’d pick a winner December 20th, and then we were traveling for Christmas, and I couldn’t get it together enough to post who won the drawing! Traveling with everyone else near Christmas time is wild, especially with 3 small kids.

In my defense, I did draw a name on December 18th. In the airport. I cut up names and put them in a ziplock bag, and pulled out the lucky winner. I just didn’t have internet the next few days in order to post and let everyone know! So sorry!

So, the winner of the beautiful, floral, stunning 2020 Cultivate Powersheets is…



This is a screen shot of the video I took, of my daughter picking the winner! (I can’t post the video here for technical reasons. IE I’m not technically savvy and don’t want to pay more to update my blog to allow me to post videos!)

Congratulations Allison. I will be getting your brand new, floral print, 2020 Cultivate Power Sheets to you very soon! And thank you, so much, for each of the women who entered to win. And thank you, so much, for those of you who referred my blog to friends. I appreciate it SO much!

Also, I’ll be posting some tales about our travels in the travel section. If you are looking for advice/help/what not to do/encouragement whilst traveling with littles, come check it out!!

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