Sigh, a New Year is here.

I want to be excited for a New Year. I do. But I can’t seem to shake the more predominant feeling of, well, exhaustion. The last month has been a lot, amiright? The blissful and yet exhausting non rhythm of no school, the Christmas events and traditions, the decorating, the wrapping and un-wrapping, the cooking, the baking, the assembling of toys, the go go go of traveling, all the togetherness, the eating of all things holiday and glorious, the taking down of decorations, the traffic, the staying up late and not sleeping in. It takes it’s toll. And it doesn’t help that I get email after peppy email about setting goals, and resolutions, and all this annoyingly upbeat talk about the New Year.

My heart isn’t ready yet. I’m tired.

Because, I think through it all, for all of us, a few things get neglected. For me, it’s usually my alone time, and my work out time. And when I go too long without either one of those, well, I’m just not as nice of a person. True statement; I pity the people who have to put up with me when I forgo those life giving choices.

Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you too have had a lovely but full and exhausting last few weeks. And maybe it’s left you wanting to be excited and ready for the new year, but how do we drum up excitement when we’re just plain o’l beat down tired?

(I bet you’re hoping this next line would have 5 simple, get your energy back tips huh? Sorry, I’m looking for the same thing too!!)

So while I don’t have any super secret inside tips or tricks for facing a new year, here’s what I’ve been doing. Not sure if you’ll find it helpful, but maybe it will be an encouragement to keep on, keeping on. To know that you’re not the only one feeling beat down, run down, on the verge of getting sick, plain ol worn out.

~Rest. Nap it up. Go to bed early. Confession: I went to bed last night at 8:30 and it was glorious.

~The whole family took Vit C shots this morning.

~Exercise. I went for a run yesterday and barely made it two miles, so I tried again today and just barely walked. At a saunter, on my treadmill, cue the eye roll. But I keep telling myself it’s better than nothing. -right?

~Find some alone time. Beg for it, trade for it, just get it. Use it, gasp, not to accomplish anything, but to just sit. To be alone with your thoughts. Perhaps even with Jesus. Maybe read or work out. I am doing so right now, and even though I feel slightly guilty, I’m doing it. (How do I even feel guilty after we’ve been together 24/7 as a family for like 13 days straight? I don’t know, I’ve got issues.)

~Stop with the holiday eating. Ha. Easier said than done. I ate cookies and more cookies for dinner last night, I’m a real classy lady. (my husband suggested a cleanse, which I want to do yes, but I am also thoroughly enjoying my sugar binge.) Hmmm maybe this excess of sugar isn’t helping this exhaustion…

~Spend time with Jesus. He’s been getting the shaft lately, due to A. me not wanting to bring my heavy Bible while traveling and B. just not making time for Him while out of my routine. So I’m trying. I’m finishing out the Chronological Bible, which I should have finished Dec 31, but alas, I’m a few weeks behind. Keep on, keeping on!

We can do this. We can face this New Year with excitement, energy, and heck, even joy. I think a good start would be taking the time to self reflect. To think about the good and bad of last year, and what we desperately need to change. Adjust. Add. Walk towards. Embrace. Endure. Or, take away. Cut out. Run from.

Just a warning though, it might be hard. It might not be all fun and exciting; this dream making, pruning, changing. It will be hard work. But I do think it will be worth it. Good change always is. It’s almost always a lot of work and heck even scary, but life giving in a way that’s essential. It has the potential to change our day, our week, and ultimately our year. One day at a time, one change at a time. One goal at a time. When we are ready, when we’ve rested, when our minds are clear, and our hearts are better.

We can do this.

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Let me tell you, I bought this book last year, and absolutely loved it. If you want to read more, directly from the source, just click here.

But let me tell you personally what I love about these Cultivate PowerSheets. Because, well, I just can’t help it. I think they are absolutely amazing, and they have dramatically changed the way I think about an upcoming year, and helped me to get organized to see some goals all the through to fruition. Here are some quick bullet points highlighting their fantasticalness:

~The first 60 pages are incredible. They focus on you. Who you really are. Breaking your identity box, evaluating all areas of your life, naming your fears, lessons you’ve learned, what you’re grateful for, what will matter when you’re 80. These pages help you cultivate what matters, and (bonus!) through all those questions you’ll uncover your goals for the upcoming year.

~Each month has space for planning, dreaming, and making detailed daily, weekly, and monthly lists.

~Every 3 months you stop and reevaluate. You have the space/freedome to drop a goal, adjust it, or move it to another time. (Cause hello, life happens!)

~One of my favorite features I didn’t know would be my favorite feature is the last page of each month. You fill it out at the end of the month, and it’s a time and space to reflect with questions for the month like, “I am especially grateful for…” and “someone I’m grateful for…” favorite memory…” and “a good lesson learned…” also, “what I’m saying yes/no to…” It’s SO good.

I already ordered my new book for 2020, and I cannot wait to get started. And you know what was SO fun about ordering mine this year? Ordering one for somebody else. YOU. One of you. Because, I told you as I am making changes to this blog, I would be giving away some of my favorite things, and so here we go! (I know they aren’t big Ellen Degeneres giveaways, but still pretty fun!) I am so excited to see who wins this very special goal planning book.

Good luck!