Meet the cooks

These are the wonderful cooks that work for NWHCM. They feed anywhere from 15 to 200 people at a time. They sweat it out in a pretty toasty kitchen, I am amazed that they don’t pass out from the heat.  I am making friends with them, and practicing my Creole on them too.  I have cooked with them a few times-cause you know I just can’t stay out of the kitchen! We made pizza dough together, no bake cookies, more desserts, and a few other fun things. They are sweet to me.

Ginette, (forget her name!!, me, Gislin
Madame Innocent, Me, Angelin -she has her cooking game face on!
Brandon, Me, Kathie

Kathie is in charge of all the food that nwhcm eats! She gets it from Kentucky to Haiti…and she spent all of April in Haiti helping cook and add some more variety to the menu. (She is also the sweet woman who found snacks for us and always made sure Bran had enough to eat. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Meet the cooks

  1. So fun sister! You guys look so hot and sweaty- what an amazing bunch of ladies to cook in the heat like that! I am sure Kathie has won the heart of Bran keeping him well-fed! Thanks for the fun pictures!

  2. YEAY! I’m so glad I can comment now!
    Yes, I second Rachael! You do look nice and sweaty!
    …and that cooking “game face” cracks me up!

  3. You – in the kitchen! Love it – it looks so natural! It is great fun for us to get to see your new friends and co-workers. God is good – everyday!

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