Mole St. Nicolas

We had the opportunity to travel to the Mole St. Nicolas this last weekend. It is where NWHCM is going to be starting up another campus. They had a vision team going out to scope it out, and of course when we heard they had white sandy beaches and sparkling clear water. Little did we realize, since it rained the entire day before, a normal 5 hour butt bump ride turned into a 7.5 hour ride! There were times we barely creeped up a muddy sloap (as town people sloshed behind us putting rocks behind our tires so we could get up!) and we had to have the men wade through the rivers to make sure they weren’t too deep. All an all, it certainly was an adventure! The best part was feeling as if we had a break from the crazy, loud, hustle and bustle of where we live. Even though we have only been here 6 weeks, time has a way of slowing down in Haiti-it feels as if we have been here forever! So, we gladly welcomed the break-and a pre-anniversary get away!
Can you believe we are in our bathing suits, swimming?? And in that clear clear water??
This wall went all along the beach and connected to an old, old fort.
At our hotel, there were cannon balls just lying around. They are pry hundreds of years old and belong in a museum.. and here they were like it was no big deal... oh and as we walked a more desolate part of the beach we tripped over a small rusty lump in the sand. Brandon said,'I bet it's a cannon' I just laughed of course. So, he set out to prove me wrong, and dug down while pouring water over it, to find it really was a cannon!!! Buried right under the sand pointed towards the ocean! We thought how crazy that it really could have been from when Columbus first came here, over 500 years ago!
Looks like we are in some far away Caribbean Island, eh? Yes, we are still in Haiti, at the beach in Mole St. Nicolas. Sadly, no surf potential for Brandon. If it was a clearer day we could have seen Cuba!

10 thoughts on “Mole St. Nicolas

  1. Brandon & Jess,
    Thanks for the update!
    We pray for you each day and know that God will work things out in His time and His way/will. Life is so very short…………praise God that you are using this time to serve Him by reaching out to the poorest of the poor.
    Keep your eyes on Jesus…………He will never forsake you!
    Blessings and prayers,
    jerry & Mary Ann ><

  2. That’s pretty cool – or scary I guess – to be finding cannons and cannon balls on the beach. Do you see much mention of L’Overture?


    1. In Mole, it’s one of safest place in Haiti… My wife is from there and is the best Paradise at there.. Cannon balls were there from more than 100 years from now… lol… Ryan You should visit and you love it…

    2. In Mole, it’s one of safest the place in Haiti… My wife is from there and is the best Paradise at there.. Cannon balls were there for more than a 100 years ago… lol… Ryan You should come visit Mole and you will enjoy and love it…

  3. Hey brandon and jessica! I am glad you guys had fun in Mole st Nicolas. I am native in this town. I am always surf the internet in hope of finding any update or picture that could relief my nostalgia of this place. I just hope more people know this place exist. I posted a few video about mole st nicolas in youtube under the name papike34. Good luck.

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