Our SEVEN year Anniversary!

It was our ANNIVERSARY yesterday.

Woo hoo! SEVEN years!!

Never would have thought I would be spending in Haiti, that is for sure!  We were going to try to fly up to Cap Haitian, but since our stuff could be arriving “any day” we need to stay put. (maybe we’ll go somewhere in the next few months?) We were contemplating going out to the only restaurant that we know of in St. Louis -but neither one  of us feel up to making the trek, eating more goat and plantains, only to not really be alone at all. So, we  opted for a romantic night in. It turns out that is was one of the cooks birthday yesterday,so she made this great pasta and chicken dish! We brought it to our room, and ate by candle light. We of course had to be very inventive with what we could get each other….

We are blessed to be together for seven wonderful years. Even though this one lacked the typical hype that I love, it was one where were able to reflect on how blessed we are to have each other. God has been so faithful to bless us in our marriage-as we strive to make Him the center always.Cheers to many more anniversaries to come!

In Grant's room -one of the missionaries here-he is letting us stay in his room until he return the first week in June! Good bye tent for now!
One of the missionaries here knew of Brandon's serious caffeine addiction-so she gave me about 20 instant coffee packets to give to Brandon! Thanks to the same girl, Courtney,I was also able to make him some oatmeal cookies-his favorite!!
He had to go to Port de Paix earlier in the day and came home with a bouquet of flowers for me! I love them! They are fake, and in true Haitian style, bright bright bright!

6 thoughts on “Our SEVEN year Anniversary!

  1. Good morning Brandon and Jessica,
    We in the “civilized” world are so “event oriented” that we forget the “real” meaning of the events we celebrate. Seven years ago, you two celebrated your love for each other in front of severl hundred guests. Now, seven years later, you have the real essence of that public commitment… each other.
    Grandma and I celebrate our 55th in June, and don’t know what we would do w/o each other. Over the years we have watched our kids grow up, marry and have kids. Now we are enjoying our grand and great grandchildren. You two are among the most blessed. God has personally selected you to be his face and love in Haiti, and with each other for support and love, you WILL succeed.
    God bless you, what a touching way to celebrate your 7th.
    Your support base here in the states is ever widening, and the good Lord must wonder what he has unleashed with all the prayers ascending to the throne daily.
    Our love, prayers, and admiration.
    Grandma and Grandpa Shuck

  2. In the first picture I just love all the fans sitting around your feet… that just made me laugh!
    I love that you guys were so creative and romantic! Way to improvise!!
    Happy Happy Anniversary!

    Also, I had to tell you that I’m VERY impressed with your blogging!! Seriously, all the updates and pictures have been awesome. I love it! 🙂

  3. Your own room to celebrate- that is worth a celebration in and of itself! Glad to see it turned out to be a good day- in the end you had your meal cooked for you, you enjoyed it all alone together with a roof over your head and you were able to lavish gifts upon each other- sounds like a great anniversary!

  4. Grandpa-You last words made me cry-‘the good Lord must wonder what he has unleashed with all the prayers ascending to the throne daily’ Oh how it makes my heart so full! When days are hard here, a little perspective is all that is needed. To think that others are praying, regularly, for us is overwhelming to me.

    Melissa-oh how I laugh! I didn’t even see those fans in the picture! Cause we are so used to them being all around, all the time. I would pry be 10lbs lighter without fans limiting some of my sweat! (hmm..maybe I should stop using them!)

    Sister-So true! A celebration indeed to have our own room for a bit! It really was a very nice anniversary, one that we laughed, joked and reminisced through all day!

  5. Hey Guys,

    Happy (late) Anniversary! This one won’t be one you soon forget I imagine. I love the blog and am praying for your ministry.


  6. Happy anniversary to you two! Making the most with what you have, awesome, and im sure it makes it all the more memorable.
    You are doing something amazing over there and its cool being able to follow along with you on your blog. Cristi and I pray for you always, take care.


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