Picture with a price tag…

Yesterday we ventured out to take a few pictures for OTB. Since we desperately need a vehicle, we thought it would be a good idea to show how we would have to deliver the food if we didn’t have one. So, we took a few pictures of us delivering the food in the 5 gallon In one  photo we were walking, the other we rode donkeys, the last one was on a moto bike. I was glad to take the pictures and get them to our media gal, Becky, and so we happily took those photos as people awkwardly stared at us. When I got off the moto, I wasn’t paying attention and I burned my leg on the muffler. I am normally pretty dramatic (surprise, surprise) but quietly told Brandon I had just burned my leg. He wasn’t sure how bad it was since it didn’t come with all the dramatics like normal. But, within an hour, I was left with a burn the size of a small lemon! It blistered already! So, the point of my story is we set out to show how sad/hard/difficult it would be to distribute food without a vehicle, and I really did get a serious battle wound that proves how we really do need a vehicle without an exposed muffler! (Mind you, that was while I was carrying an empty bucket too!)

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