Bible Characters

I have decided that today is ‘pick the Bible character who you feel the most like’ day. Today I chose Job. I feel as if I have been stripped of many comforts and luxuries.  I feel as if my body is under attack-as was Job’s. I burned my leg on the muffler of a moto, I always have a small heat rash on my thighs, I got a strange rash thing that is finally starting to go away, yesterday after dinner my tummy had the rumbles, and I couldn’t leave the toilet all day today (and we have no running water which means I have to pour a bucket of water in the toilet each time I go!!) not to mention it’s about 95 degrees in our room. Yet, as I layed in bed feeling sorry for myself, God showed me goodness. In that moment, the power turned on. As of now, the power only comes on at night, so the fact that it randomly turned on during the day, enough to use our fans and new ac, made my heart full with praise to the Lord. It stayed on for almost two hours, enough to refresh and renew my spirit.

2 thoughts on “Bible Characters

  1. Good morning Jessica,
    How can we feel what you feel as we sit in our comfortable homes, eat food that is not tainted, and enjoy all of the things we have accumulated over the years?
    The answer is simple … we just CAN’T !!!
    As with Job, not one of his friends could really “feel” for him and his plight. Some even suggested he “curse God and die”.
    All we can do Jessica, is tell you that you have a multitude of people here in the States who love you and Brandon, and hold you up daily in prayer.
    Everywhere we go … our friends are talking about you guys and want to help in any way possible. People don’t quite grasp the depth of your commitment. We are a people of “things”. We line up for hours to get the latest iphone, and think if our car is over 2 years old, we are living in abject poverty. How I wish people could spend one week with you two, living w/o steady electricity, suffering from heat, humidity, bugs, etc. For many, it would change the way they look at life. For others, it would only convince them of the stupidity of mission work.
    For grandma and I, we have seen the poverty of
    Port-au-Prince, we have seen the barrios in TJ, and have even shared our little, with those who live right her in Fallbrook, who think WE are rich.
    God has his eye on you every day … he alone knows your depression, frustration, and inner anger. He knows that Satan is sitting by your bed, telling you how foolish you are to have given up the “good life” to deliver the love of God to people who really don’t care.
    David said it best in the 23rd Psalm, “The Lord is MY sheppard, I shall not want”.
    Don’t ever forget, you both are LOVED, respected, and in fact some actually envy you your opportunity to take the Gospel to Haiti.
    Love you both …. Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Sweet Sister . . . I am so sorry to hear about your physical ailments- you really are a trooper. I loved what you have done in picking a biblical character to relate to! Just yesterday (maybe even pretty close to when you were having your epiphany about Job) I was reading about the idea of using biblical characters to liven up your prayer life- Using their prayers for your own life (or in this book it was talking about prayers for your children) The author gave the example of Peter- He was always so zealous for God- cut off an ear for him, would NEVER deny him etc . . . but even though Peter has these weak spots in his zealous character is was this same zealousness that made him so on fire for Christ in the book of Acts and willing to lay it all out there. She then took different passages about Peter and turned it into a prayer, “Lord, make my children like Peter. They are human and they are weak, but make them useable. Give them a ready knowledge of the Bible, let them offer the hope of the gospel to a hurting world, and let them always seek to point the way to you rather than try to gain glory for themselves. Fill them with your Holy Spirit, give them the courage to stand firm in the face of peer pressure and negative influences, and cause them to love you, to fear you, and to obey you more than they love, fear, or obey any human being.”

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