The kitchen is making progress!

Jeremey (our engineer who works for OTB) and Todd (a sweet friend who is an electrician, who has volunteered his time and talents) are here to put this kitchen together! Whooohoo

They have come with excitement and energy that is contagious. The ideas and work that they want and need to accomplish in just 11 short days is staggering. On a good day, you can accomplish one thing in Haiti. So,  they are quickly realizing the obstacles that Haiti presents, on a daily basis.They have had to go from plan A, to plan B, to plan C some days. Sometimes it’s due to a missing part, or others because the cement they need to pound through for pipe is just too thik and Haitians don’t have the right tools, or apoxy paint can’t go everywhere cause it can’t go over already painted walls and we don’t have a sand blaster or something similar to prep the walls properly.

I can’t help but grin sometimes when they come into the house-and are distraight over the newest obsticale they have come across. It’s Haiti. There is no store with parts close by. There is no place to rent heavy machinery. There is no consistent power or generator here yet to get power.  We are used to all these things at our fingertips in the States. We are used to some road blocks, but we are quickly able to get what we need, where we need it, when we need it. We have only been here two months, and are slowly realizing how different and diffucult things can be here. They have been here just 3 days and are getting a crash course in that lesson. But, now when they come in with the latest problem, they sit down with Brandon and brainstorm on the best way to ‘magiver’ it. The best way to make it work with the limited recourses we have here. And, I will say, I am impressed. Those boys have come up with some very ingenious ways to get around problems.

And so, the kitchen is being built. Slowly, things are happening, and it is very exciting! More information and pictures to come….

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