Our New Place!

We are officially in our new place, in Port de Paix! (It is Heather and Janeil Owens house, the director of NWHCM. They lived here for a long time, but moved to St Louis a few years ago. We are renting it from them, and it is so beautiful and huge-more than I ever dreamed we would be living in while in Haiti!) We had hoped to be moved and settled in nicely before we had our first house guest, but we didn’t get that luxury. So, we are all moving together! It is hard for me to not have everything perfect and in order from the moment they arrived. But God is trying to work on my heart and my attitude, stripping me of things that might make me prideful-and that is one of them.  Therefore, we have all moved in together. And, turns out there are some pro’s to having them arrive the same time we are setting up home- it’s like having 3 husbands to help put the house together! It took no time at all! They have helped us assemble beds, cabinets, desks, racks, and on it goes. They thought they would be starting work on the kitchen right away, but little did they know that they had to make their beds first! 🙂 They have been so great about rolling with whatever Haiti deals us, and this was a big one.

That archway opens up into a huge beautiful kitchen!
Jeremy and Todd assembling the couch-wooohoo!
Our bedroom. It also has a huge walk in closet-I never would have thought I would get the best closet I have ever had in Haiti!!
Our sweet bathroom, including his and her sinks, shower, tub, and his and her toilets! I don't get the whole urinal thing-but Brandon thinks it's pretty cool!

4 thoughts on “Our New Place!

  1. What a perfect place for your new home! How exciting to have a large kitchen and closet! Enjoy making it yours!

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