Our new neighbors

Meet our cute neighbor boys! These two boys live right next door to us, and are the kids of Wisly and Madame Wisly.  Wisley is Haitian and has been working for NWHCM for many years-he is called ‘big boss’ by everyone. . He is a Godly, honest, and genuine man and has such a sweet family. We know his family is a direct answer to prayer. We are so thankful to live next to this family. They have already invited us over for a few meals, right when we had moved in and didn’t have a working stove yet. (Wisly speaks decent Creole, and so does the oldest boy Dave. But, for the most part, these meals are a great way to practice our Creole).  So, I returned the favor the other night. I am still trying to figure out what is available to me to cook and how to do it (the power usually comes on at 7pm and we only have one working burner right now!)  I am a decent cook, but in the states I follow a recipe and all ingredients are right at my fingertips. So, I was excited when I found all the ingredients to make chili. I invited the whole family over for dinner. But, I don’t think they liked it! I tried not to laugh as I noticed them all eating more bread and not very much chili. Every time I looked at Madame Wisly she would look down and take a quick bite. At the end, Wisly downed his portion and said, “Look, I ate it all, I like it!” We all got a good laugh from it. Not sure what I’ll try next time…

Dave and Marvins helped me unpack our kitchen and put away food. They are such sweet boys. And the best part is Dave teaches me new words in Creole as we do activities. I have broadened my kitchen vocab cause as we put away food I wrote the English word down on a paper-and he wrote the word in Creole. This is way more fun than quizzing myself using my flash cards!

Dave and I playing in the boxes

Playing with my hat-they loved it!
That is his 'pose'. He gets all serious, and it cracks me up! He helped me stack can goods on the racks
A few baby teeth just fell out and I just love it!!

2 thoughts on “Our new neighbors

  1. Oh man those little guys are adorable! So fun to have them as neighbors! Jess – you are such a good cook – I have no doubts in my mind that you will find amazing food to make with the little ingredients you have!

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