Our first team!

Our very first OTB team is here! There are ten of them who have come all the way from our church, North Coast Church in Vista, CA. They arrived Sunday and have just come to our campus here in Port de Paix today.  At the same time, we a team from NWHCM arrived, bringing 35 more people too!! They all have gotten a crash course in being flexible and adaptive by being here! We don’t have the huge water tanks hooked up the roof yet, which means all those people are sharing 300 gallons of water! The girls are being so great, and chose not to shower today, in hopes that the tanks will be up tomorrow. I am so impressed at how tough these gals are! Also, the girls dorms just got finished and didn’t have screens on them yet, and they were so grimy and nasty needing paint desperately.  But, in spite of all that, they are surviving-and actually seem to be having a great time!

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