OTB Kitchen Makeover

Extreme Makeover!

Our team has been working hard on helping in the kitchen! . They have assembled racks, pulled electrical wire, and painted the entire storeroom with three coats of paint-all in one day! They are working non-stop to help get this kitchen beautiful and ready to feed.

Jim and Carol assembling racks!
Kirk painting away!
They put stickers on all the buckets too
Painting with a smile too!
And more painting...

The NWHCM team has been working on dismantling a gigantic playground to move it out to an orphanage out west.  It has taken a team of a dozen guys chipping away at cement blocks to loosen the gigantic playground… hot, sweaty, back breaking work! And the girls are painting the girls dorm a nice cream color. It looks so much better with a few coats of paint. And screens went up so no more midnight blood sucking friends for them!

They dismantled the entire playground!
The girls dorm really needed paint too
All the boys helping stretch the OTB electrical wires

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