A divine appointment

We had our first official meeting with a potential ministry/church today. God ordained our meeting, that is for sure! There is a restaurant/hotel across the street that all the teams eat at when they are staying in pdp. Brandon was down there talking to the owner, Jerry, and ran into two white ladies. (We have come to realize how rare it is to see white people around-so much so that we usually stop to talk with them and find out what they are doing here.) They told us they are here to help a pastor up the hill to feed his congregation. Brandon was speechless. He then tells her what OTB is doing and why we are here, and the women break down crying. (When Bran came back to tell me, I of course cried too, thanking the Lord for His perfect timing. And, it was such an encouragement when it seems we face so many obstacles every single day! ) The women we met have been praying, asking the Lord to show them how to feed all these people! They started with 83 and in one week are up to 230! As of now they go the markets and buy food to pass out to the church. They also said that at this church, and in that small community, they have found people who are severely mal nourished. They fit a lot of the signs and symptoms for not eating enough food.  We then scheduled a time for the four of us to meet on Monday.  Well, at the last minute, Brandon had to go to PAP to pick up groups flying into the country-which left me to meet with them all by myself. Of course, I was very nervous about this! Brandon is more articulate than I in real life-while I am usually better on paper. But, I asked the Lord to go before me, to give me His words and not mine. He did. We met and talked about OTB and what we are doing, and I was able to give them a tour of our kitchen. They were so excited to see the pots and realize the potential to feed a lot of people! It was so encouraging, so refreshing, and so exiting to see the Lord orchestrate all the events that had to fall into place to find them. Oh, He is so good.

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