Along with our first team coming to Haiti was the added bonus of bags they brought for us! Our family and friends bought all sorts of wonderful things for us and had them sent to us! It was such a fun night when the team dropped off the bags…Brandon and I sat around and opened each bag slowly, cherishing the little and big surprised that lay inside. They were all wrapped so carefully by Kristina (from OTB) making sure they got to us in one piece. I felt like a little kid, shrieking with delight over the most simple pleasures that I normally take for granted. Items like note cards, sharpies, movies, surf magazines, girly magazines, all our favorite candy, cookies(even girl scout cookies!!), granola bars, drink powder packets, snacks, coffee (Brandon is SO happy!), tea, miracle grow(so I don’t kill my mini gardern!) lip gloss, hair ties, candles, a cute sun hat, soft pajama pants, books,  nail polish, and the list goes on! Our hearts are so full, so thankful, so overwhelmed at all the fun things that were sent to us- all the time, effort and money that was put into making packages for us. It sounds so simple, but all those things remind of us home. Those fun items make us feel like home isn’t too far away, and that we are in the minds and hearts of those we love, even though we are away from for the time being.

So fun!!!!
Can believe all this fun stuff that was sent to us??!!!!

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